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“Nayib Bukele’s country of lies”: José Luis Magaña

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“Nayib Bukele’s country of lies”: José Luis Magaña

The economist José Luis Magaña spoke this Monday on the Platform program about “the lies” that President Nayib Bukele tells the population, on issues such as the economy, finances, pensions, among others.

“The government of President Nayib Bukele lies to the workers, lies in its public finance balances, related to the public debt figures it has in the country”assured the economist.

Magaña explained that the public debt that the Government has is $26 billion dollars, one part is from loans and the other is from bond issuance.

“Lettes and cetes are not sold in the international market, they are sold in the national financial market, they have a maximum term of 1 year, their debt as of January 2022 is $2,656.7 million dollars”he added.

For the economist, another of the lies is the issue of pensions, since when President Bukele became president he received a balance of more than $5 billion dollars, which were used to pay the obligations of the public pension system.

“Until March 2023, the pension debt had increased to $6,184.64 million dollars… The pension debt account is not registered, it does not appear as a government debt”Magana said.

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