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(New Year’s News) Taiwan’s “Xiaosheng” performs Xiang Opera in the rural areas of southern Fujian and performs many Spring Festival shows

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Taiwanese “Xiaosheng” Performs Xiang Opera in Southern Fujian During Spring Festival

China News Service, Zhangpu, Fujian, February 16th: Taiwanese “niche” Chen Yuxuan has been performing Xiang opera in rural areas of southern Fujian, delighting audiences during the Spring Festival.

Chen Yuxuan has been busy performing continuously from the first day of the Lunar New Year to the Lantern Festival. He has performed at various locations, including Hualin Village, Fotan Town, Zhangpu County, Jinli Palace in Haicheng Town, Longhai District, and Penglai Town in Anxi County.

Despite the hard work, Chen Yuxuan has been enjoying the enthusiasm of the audience for Xiang Opera and Gezi Opera. He expressed his happiness at the warm reception from the audience and the fondness that the locals have shown for the traditional art form.

Having been admitted to the National Taiwan Opera Academy and performing in various countries, Chen Yuxuan eventually moved to Xiamen, where he was invited to join the Fujian Fenggui Cultural Xiang Troupe. He has since been dedicated to performing authentic Gezi Opera for the people of southern Fujian.

Chen Yuxuan’s dedication to the art form and his cross-strait cultural exchanges have resulted in the creation of a different spark. He hopes to continue to promote opera culture across the Taiwan Strait and attract more Taiwanese opera talents to the mainland.

The author of this article has captured Chen Yuxuan’s journey from his early days in Taiwan to his current performances in rural areas of Fujian, emphasizing the cultural exchange and the warmth of the local audience.

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