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next week, 29 new hires are entering the service [notiziediprato.it]

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next week, 29 new hires are entering the service [notiziediprato.it]

Reinforcements are arriving for the INPS of Prato: 29 new hires will enter service next week

The current workforce in via Valentini is 75 people (17 fewer than in 2019). Within the year, however, there will be three retirements while another 22 employees have requested the transfer

There are 29 new employees, with permanent contracts, destined for the INPS headquarters in Prato who will take up service next week with the title of administrative officer.
The selection took place in 2022 through the national competition which announced 4,124 places throughout Italy, 308 destined for Tuscany. The workforce in via Valentini is 75 people, in 2019 they were 92, and according to the projections of Fp CGIL an exodus of 22 people is expected in 2023 (the requests concern those hired with the 2019 competition who have matured the time to request the move), and three retirements.
“The new recruits – explains Sandro Malucchi, the FP secretary of Prato and Pistoia – in any case will not compensate for the deficiencies that will jeopardize the achievement of the objectives guaranteed up to now by the Prato social security institution, causing damage to the citizens of the province, for workers and businesses as well as for the social security system which may not make use of the control function exercised by the Institute on tax evasion”.
Again according to the data provided by the union, confirming the shortage of personnel based on the workload, there are 59,722 pensions in Prato managed by Via Valentini for a total of over one billion euros, while there are 113,950 insured workers and 1,960 those self-employed, the management of social security relationships is instead guaranteed for the 33,354 registered companies of which 28,879 are active ones. To these data it should be added that in 2020 alone, the hours of layoffs were, for the Prato area, over 14 million and they are all subject to specific processing by the Institute’s employees who also estimated 5,535,968 euros of evasion total ascertained for non-contribution, undeclared work, cancellation of employment relationships and other sanctionable conditions. In 2021, the Individual Services and Services Area worked on 40,662 products including social shock absorbers and pensions, while the Insurance Account Management 4,485, the Contribution Flows and Document Supervision Area 32,916 while other areas of the institute worked 8,764 for a total of 86,827 performance.

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