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No autopsy on the bodies of the 007 dead in the shipwreck on Lake Maggiore

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No autopsy on the bodies of the 007 dead in the shipwreck on Lake Maggiore

No autopsy will be conducted on the bodies of the four victims of the shipwreck in Lake Maggiore: the remains of the 007s have been repatriated.

None autopsy will be performed on the bodies of the four 007s who died in the shipwreck that took place on the Lake Maggiore. For the bodies of the victims, the repatriation procedures have been started.

Shipwreck in Lake Maggiore, the bodies of the four 007 drowned will not be subjected to autopsy

The remains of the four victims of the shipwreck of the boat driven by Claudius Carminati in Lake Maggiore they will not be autopsied. According to what has been learned frombreaking latest newson Wednesday 31 May, the bodies of Anya Bozhkova, Tiziana Barnobi, Claudio Alonzi and of the Israeli Erez Shimoni they were sent to the places indicated by their family members after starting the repatriation procedures.

In regards to the incident, it is reported that the coroner confirmed that the victims died from drowning and that the bodies did not present signs of injury. For this reason, the prosecutor has decided not to carry out further investigations post mortem.

Witnesses heard and the charge of manslaughter and shipwreck

In the hours that followed the shipwreck, the carabinieri heard how the 19 agents of the Aise and those of the Mossad testify who were on board the Gooduria. In consideration of the leaked indiscretions regarding the investigations coordinated by the Busto Arsizio prosecutor’s office, all the witnesses limited themselves to pronouncing phrases such as “I am an official of the Prime Minister’s Office” or “I am part of an Israeli government delegation”.

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The Prosecutor reported that will reconvene the 19 agents in the coming days in order to reconstruct exactly how and why Carminati’s boat sank during a whirlwind. Meanwhile, the man is being investigated for manslaughter and shipwreck.

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