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North Kivu: the city of Mweso occupied by M23 rebels

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North Kivu: the city of Mweso occupied by M23 rebels


Several sources confirm that the city of Mweso, in the territory of Masisi, is again occupied by the rebels of the M23 supported by Rwanda, since this Tuesday March 28 in the morning, at the end of the violent fights with the FARDC.

These M23 rebels are once again occupying the city of Mweso after having withdrawn from this entity since March 13, after announcing their intention to withdraw from several positions.

Residents who had just returned to their homes again fled in several directions.

Sources say that after their withdrawal from Mweso, the M23 had however retained several other strategic positions in Bashali Mokoto, which allowed them to occupy other entities towards Mpati, Kivuye and beyond.

According to sources contacted by Radio Okapi, the rebels, being already at the level of Masha, in the direction of Katsiru JTN, on the border between the Bashali chiefdom and that of Bwito, would like to take the direction of Kashuga.

In addition, Masisi’s civil society claims that the M23 attacked FARDC positions in Kasiza, 3 km from Bihambwe.

The population was in disarray and goods and other goods were abandoned at the Buhambwe market on Tuesday morning, deplores this structure.

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