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Older adult was killed with a hammer in Cali

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Older adult was killed with a hammer in Cali

A brutal homicide occurred at Carrera 17B with Calle 19, Belalcázar neighborhood, located in Comuna 9 in downtown Cali.

According to the authoritiesan adult over the age of 68 tragically lost his life beaten with a hammer, when trying to resist an attempted robbery inside his home.

Apparently, the alleged thief entered through the roof of the victim’s house and, in the middle of the struggle, attacked him with this tool causing his death.

Minutes after the attack, the Cali Metropolitan Police captured the alleged murderer who, currently, He is with an insurance measure for the crimes of homicide and theft.

This would not be the first time that this criminal has committed this type of crime, since He had a measure of house arrest for homicide.


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