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One hundred years of hotel Franceschi: celebration for a symbol of hospitality

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One hundred years of hotel Franceschi: celebration for a symbol of hospitality

The Franceschi hotel has celebrated the great milestone of one hundred years: a century dedicated to hospitality, by a family that in Cortina is considered an example for local hoteliers.

Ernesto Franceschi and his wife Carla, together with their children Andrea and Matteo, wanted to share this important milestone with many friends from Cortina. All gathered to celebrate an Ampezzo hotelier who has continuously invested in his business, without sparing, and also for his commitment to the Regole d’Ampezzo, various sports associations, as well as in public roles: Ernesto Franceschi was in the past a municipal councilor and the son Andrea mayor from 2007 to 2016.

Visibly moved, Ernesto Franceschi, in front of the large hundred-year-old cake prepared by the hotel chef, retraced the history of the hotel, the stages that led to the building that can be seen today since 1922, the year in which the grandmother remained widow with four children, started it.

«Customer loyalty is the best recognition we have had. We have done over 50 awards for guests who have been coming to us for at least 25 years, ”said Franceschi. «Thanks first of all to my wife Carla, who has always been close to me, and to my son Matteo who has been in charge of the hotel for some years. Special thanks go to the employees, who are the backbone of the structure; many have been with us for several years: our head nurse has been with us for 56 seasons. I beg their pardon if I have had some outbursts at times ».

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Among the illustrious guests, Franceschi recalled Bruno Vespa, Riccardo Muti, the president of Mexico Salinas, and always the Italian women’s national ski team.

«The history of the hotel does not end here, but the years pass and I will pass the deliveries to my son Andrea».

Andrea, former mayor of Cortina, remarked the strong bond that has always existed between family and hotel: «For us, family and hotel have always been one. Attention to care, savings, cleanliness, hospitality, respect for employees are the values ​​we have seen and received since childhood. For the future handover, the challenge is to adapt to changes, to today’s market. Matthew and I want to thank our parents for the teachings we have received, without many speeches, but with demonstration and practical example ».

The mayor Gianluca Lorenzi also spoke. «A personal thanks goes to Ernesto: I was born as a hotelier and he was an example for me. When I needed advice for my business he helped me a lot. He is an example to follow. I hope that the satisfactions will continue even with the change of hands ».

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