Home News Pelosi or visit to Taiwan to control airspace flow in Fujian, cancel flights | Pelosi visits Taiwan | CCP | cancels a large number of flights

Pelosi or visit to Taiwan to control airspace flow in Fujian, cancel flights | Pelosi visits Taiwan | CCP | cancels a large number of flights

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Pelosi or visit to Taiwan to control airspace flow in Fujian, cancel flights | Pelosi visits Taiwan | CCP | cancels a large number of flights

[Epoch Times, August 2, 2022]On the morning of August 2, the Fujian region announced airspace flow control, and a large number of flights were cancelled. US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi may visit Taiwan this evening (2nd), and outsiders speculate that the control of Fujian may be related to this matter.

According to a number of foreign media citing sources and U.S. and Taiwan government officials, Pelosi may arrive in Taiwan on the evening of the 2nd to visit and meet with President Tsai Ing-wen of the Republic of China on the 3rd.

According to the latest news from Taiwan media “Liberty Times” on the 2nd, Pelosi arrived at Taipei Songshan Airport at 10:20 this evening. After arriving in Taiwan, he will stay overnight. He will have public activities in Taiwan. He is expected to take a flight to leave Taiwan on the afternoon of the 3rd. Taiwan’s foreign ministry had no comment.

On the morning of the 2nd, Xiamen Airlines announced that due to the impact of traffic control in Fujian, Xiamen Airlines adjusted some flights on August 2nd.

According to the Hanglu Zongheng APP, flights at Fuzhou Changle Airport and Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport were canceled on a large scale. Fuzhou Changle Airport delayed 5 departures and cancelled 73 flights; Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport delayed 3 departures and cancelled 55 flights; Xiamen Gaoqi Airport cancelled a small area of ​​flights.

Although Xiamen Airlines did not explain the reason for the traffic control, it is widely believed that this is related to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

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Mainland netizens said, “For well-known reasons, there will be some adjustments to flights in Fujian today due to traffic restrictions. Xiamen Airlines also issued an announcement on its APP.” “(Pelosi) 100% will go to Taiwan.” “Others are not doing well, I was scared to death first. I am talking about A shares.” “My flight from Xiamen to Beijing today was delayed.”

Local people in Xiamen told the Central News Agency that flights at Xiamen Gaoqi Airport have been adjusted since the 1st. Although they were not cancelled, many flights were delayed for more than 6 hours before taking off, and the airport was crowded with people waiting to board. It even happened that some passengers could not get on the plane for more than 48 hours because of their nucleic acid reports.

He said that he had never seen such a thing in Xiamen for more than ten years. “What is the reason, everyone knows nothing.” He said that in the past few days, when interacting with people from relevant local departments, he could feel a treacherous and tense atmosphere.

On August 1, the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration announced that it would conduct live ammunition and military training in specific waters in the northern Bohai Sea and the South China Sea.

Pelosi plans to visit Taiwan. In the past few days, the CCP officials have been clamoring through the media, and the scare of civil and military attacks has continued to escalate.

On August 2, mainland constitutional scholar Chen Yongmiao told The Epoch Times that, judging from his personal long-term research, the CCP regime does not actually want to capture Taiwan, and the purpose of escalating the threat is to worry about internal stability. Its purpose is to suppress internal contradictions and conflicts and maintain the propaganda of the ideology of the common people.

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The mainland investment consultant thinks that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is approaching, which is a matter of burning eyebrows. The so-called internal affairs and foreign affairs are “internal difficulties and external focal points” for the CCP. There is a purpose to divert and cover up internal conflicts by hyping up Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

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