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People’s hot comments: Shenzhen’s “wealth-flaunting girl” should be thoroughly investigated and successfully applied for public rental housing

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Original Title: People’s hot comments: Shenzhen “flaunting wealth girl” successfully applied for public rental housing should be thoroughly investigated

Recently, some netizens broke the news that a woman in Shenzhen drove a luxury car to live in a luxury house to buy luxury goods, but applied for a set of public rental housing.

According to screenshots posted on the Internet, since 2017, the woman surnamed Zhang has been sharing her luxurious life in a high-profile manner on Weibo and other social platforms. In the content she posted, there were self-driving tours that cost more than 8,000 gas, tolls more than 6,000, and food and beverages around 21,000; There are also content such as “Dian Shan”, “I have nothing to eat, I ate abalone rice with black truffle and grilled sea cucumber for a day” and so on.

In response to this matter, the staff of the Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau responded that the conditions for applying for this type of housing include age, social security, housing conditions, etc., “but do not check the applicant’s family income.” In addition, the staff said that after the applicant submits the materials normally, the business department will review the applicant’s housing situation. “If you fail the review, you will not be included in the list. Generally, there will be no problems. If other people find any problems, they can report them.”

“Generally, there will be no problems.” Why did something go wrong in this matter? As part of the housing security system, public rental housing is a kind of policy-oriented housing with limited construction standards and rent levels. It is oriented to urban families with lower middle-income housing difficulties who meet the specified conditions, newly employed workers without housing and stable employment in urban areas. migrant workers, etc. In practice, applying for public rental housing needs to face two thresholds: low income and poor housing conditions.

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If what the woman involved is telling the truth, the two thresholds of public rental housing are suspected of falling without exception-low income is obviously not enough to support a luxurious life, and the new house just acquired is also a direct negation of “poor housing conditions” . In this context, how did she successfully apply for public rental housing? In the face of many doubts, an understatement of “generally there will be no problems” is obviously not enough to quell public doubts.

Needless to say, low income and poor housing conditions are relative concepts. The “Public Rental Housing Management Measures” also stipulates that “the specific conditions shall be determined by the housing security departments of the municipalities, municipalities, and county-level people’s governments according to the actual situation in the region.” However, with the economic strength that this woman flaunts, no matter where she is placed, it is difficult to connect people with the “lower middle-income group”. According to media reports, as of April 4, a total of 422,895 people in Shenzhen are queuing up for public rental housing. Does the woman stand out from the crowd, does it mean that other people’s economic conditions are far better than hers?

The affordable housing nature of public rental housing determines that it aims to meet the needs of low-income groups to the greatest extent. Any act of dove occupying the magpie’s nest will harm the public interest and damage the housing security system. Is this woman a real rich man, or a fake rich man? Is the house rumored on the Internet real or non-existent? More importantly, under the premise of “not checking the applicant’s family income”, how to ensure the scientificity and fairness of public rental housing allocation? All these issues require further explanations from relevant local authorities.

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In view of this incident, it must be mentioned that the woman aroused public outrage this time, not only because she revealed that she had applied for a public rental housing, but also because she ridiculed ordinary home buyers—this is not an ordinary affordable housing. It is supported by high-quality and scarce educational resources. Recently, Shenzhen’s Guangming District’s proposal for the degree allocation of the “Changzhen Indemnificatory Housing Supporting School (Tentative Name)” has attracted widespread attention. Luyuan), and the school is run by Shenzhen Middle School Group, one of the four major high schools in Shenzhen. Among them, Phoenix Yinghui City is the indemnificatory housing community that this woman successfully shortlisted.

From this point of view, this incident is not only related to whether the distribution of public rental housing is open and fair, but also related to whether there are shady deals in the director’s “winner takes all”. For the relevant departments, it is necessary not only to find out the ins and outs of the incident, but also to thoroughly investigate every link involved in it, so as to give the public an objective and fair statement.

(Editors in charge: Li Yu, Chen Yuzhu)

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