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Photovoltaics in the company. What can surprise you?

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Photovoltaics in the company.  What can surprise you?

The interest of companies in photovoltaics is constantly growing. Only Stredoslovenská energetika (SSE) recorded a tenfold increase in the interest of its customers over the last year.

However, other energy companies, technology suppliers and implementation companies are also announcing significantly increased demand. The reason is obvious. Unlike households – which have state-guaranteed energy price ceilings – many businesses, organizations and municipalities are threatened by high energy prices, which is why they are looking for ways to help themselves and produce at least part of the electricity they consume on their own. The production of electricity from the sun using photovoltaic panels has seen significant progress in recent years.

The absolute majority of photovoltaic projects that Stredoslovenská energetika implements for the business segment and local governments in the long term are made up of local sources – photovoltaic devices with an output of 10 to 100 kW. Since the interest in the implementation of photovoltaic projects has been really extreme in recent times, the pressure on the design, delivery and implementation capacities of assembly companies is also growing. This is also why the average time from the first request to the completion of the project is about half a year. However, the duration of the project is also significantly influenced by the deadlines resulting from the legislation, which legally frames the implementation of photovoltaic equipment, as well as the readiness and cooperation of the customer.

“The customer must be aware that with the implementation of a photovoltaic installation on his roof, he acquires a new status – he becomes a producer of electricity in a local source, so naturally he must follow the relevant legislation – primarily laws on electricity and renewable energy – as well as standards, rules and technical conditions distribution companies that connect the new energy source to the grid,” explains Boris Pšenčík, head of the Development and Energy Services Department of SSE. He adds that in the concluded work contract, in which SSE acts as a photovoltaic contractor, the customer’s construction readiness is defined by two main points – the approval opinion of the building authority and the expression of the distribution company, i.e. the approval opinion on the off-take point or reserved capacity that is requested for performance photovoltaics.

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“Since these are roof installations, it quite often happens that the building authority requests a static assessment of the roof after the construction has been announced. This can delay and slow down the entire process of realizing photovoltaics, especially if there is no drawing documentation from the construction and the statics drawings and calculations have to be completed additionally. In relation to the distribution company, it is important that the take-off point and the electrical connection of the person interested in photovoltaics meet the currently valid technical standards. They also include the condition of placing the electricity meter in a publicly accessible place. And since many, especially older buildings, still have an electricity meter located inside the building, or even directly in the substation of the distribution company, in such cases the costs for the reconstruction of the connection must be taken into account, as well as the delay in implementation.” explains Boris Pšenčík.

Due to the number of implemented photovoltaic devices, Central Slovak Energy has enough experience in this direction and, of course, an overview of the issue. Therefore, he can alert the customer to such and other similar situations in advance during mutual consultations and help him with their solution.

“We are at home in the administration. We are in close contact with distribution companies, we know their technical conditions, standards, processes, energy legal norms. We can therefore advise the customer, guide him through the individual successive steps in the implementation so that he is not exposed to any risks, that everything is in accordance with the legislation and that the implementation of photovoltaics is not even unnecessarily delayed.” added by B. Pšenčík.

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The installation of the technology on the flat or sloping roof of the building, which is carried out by SSE as a subcontractor in cooperation with proven reliable partners, is no longer time-consuming. In the case of smaller photovoltaic devices, it is a matter of one or two days, for larger implementations a maximum of two weeks. After assembly, it is time for a revision and, if necessary, a functional test, which is carried out by the technicians of the distribution company at the place of installation. After it, the photovoltaic system can be connected to the network and the finished work is handed over to the customer for use.

Do you want to simplify the whole process? The implementation of photovoltaics with Stredoslovak Energieka will take place quickly, smoothly and without complications. Experts from SSE will help you at all points of the process – from the inspection of the property to the proposal of the most advantageous solution to the delivery of the finished solution. You hardly have to worry about anything and you can just enjoy the savings and independence that your modern photovoltaic panels will provide you. More on sse.sk/fotovoltika-firmy.

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