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Plan.art: Weekend TO DO list |  Culture |  .a week

Where to the gallery:

Central European house photo: 400 ASA – Sweat, tears, La Putyka

A strong emotional experience awaits you at the exhibition Sweat, tears, La Putyka in the Profil Gallery. The trio of photographers Karel Cudlín, Jan Dobrovský and Jan Mihaliček from the association 400 ASA tell the story of the well-known ensemble Cirk La Putyka from the period of the pandemic, when the theaters were closed, in a suggestive series of photographs.

Where: Central European House of Photography, Prepoštská 4, Bratislava

When: Tuesday – Sunday, 13.00 – 18.00

Where to go to the gallery – in Prague:

Josef Sudek’s studio: Josef Sudek – Master of Zen / Praise of the Shadow

Photographer Josef Sudek was able to use light to change everyday life and ordinary things into poetry, a dream, to show the metaphysical. Sudek was intensely interested in and collected Asian art. The title of the exhibition Master of Zen / Praise of the Shadow refers to a famous essay on traditional Japanese aesthetics by the writer Junichiro Tanizaki (1886—1965), in which he also writes about how light and shadow can radically affect the perception of beauty or space.

The exhibition has a performative nature, it does not present unknown works by Sudko, but presents them in a new experimental context. The installation uses e.g. tatami mats on which you can sit and perceive Sudek’s studio from a new perspective.

Where: Atelier Josef Sudek, Újezd ​​30, Prague

When: Tuesday – Sunday, 12.00 – 18.00

You do kina:

kino Light x SNG: Laurence

As part of Pride month, Kino Lumière presents an opus on the topic of transsexuality by Canadian director Xavier Dolan Laurence. Laurence, a young French teacher and budding writer, lives in a fulfilling, genuinely happy relationship with his fiancée, Fred. On her thirtieth birthday, she confides that she longs to become a woman. He asks Fred for support and fights to maintain the relationship, but Fred seems to be unthinkable any further… For an almost three-hour opus, with which Dolan immersed himself in the topic of transsexuality with his own precision and feeling for nuances, he won the Queer Palm award for the best LGBTI title of the Cannes festival and Suzanne Clément won the award for best acting in the Un certain regard film selection.

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Where: SNG

When: Sunday 7/16 at 7:30 p.m

Where to the concert / festival:


The Jazz Festival at Zelena Voda in Nové Mesto nad Váhom started yesterday, among others Kurt Elling performed with the band SuperBlue. The Chicago native has been at the forefront of the jazz scene for over two decades, thanks to his artistic courage and originality.

Well, today (July 15) an equally attractive program awaits you. Jazz flautist, singer and composer working between London and Bratislava Mária Reháková, Robert Balzar Trio and Dirty Loops from Sweden will perform. The main star will be one of the best jazz guitarists, Al Di Meola. His creations and collaborations with the world‘s top jazz players do not need to be introduced in particular. Al Di Meola Acoustic trio will perform at OpenJazzFest.

Where: Zelená voda – Nové Mesto nad Váhom

When: Saturday 15.7.

What to listen to:

iggy Pop: Every Loser

The godfather of punk released his 19th studio album… and with it, Iggy Pop returned in his rock form. As great as he was in chanson-jazz form on Preliminaires, after several more albums and electronic experimentation, Every Loser is a return to his own roots, to the era of The Stooges, to which several songs refer in the rew style. But there is also an acoustic Morning Show, an intimate rock ballad, similar to another ballad Strung Out Johnny. There is a memory of Andy Warhol in The News for Andy, we hear how he (self-ironically) has fun in the song Neo Punk.

On the album they met e.g. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins or Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro. No previous skepticism, Iggy Pop is back!

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What to read:

ivan Kadlečík

Novelist, poet and essayist Ivan Kadlečík died 9 years ago (July 15, 2014). Since the beginning of the seventies, due to his social attitudes, it was impossible for him to publish publicly, his texts were published in samizdat and foreign editions. Today we are reading it – and we can give it as a book tip (not only) for the weekend – mainly thanks to the publishing house KK Bagala, where his four-volume collective work was published.

“Almost all of Kadlečík’s books have the nature of a wonderful composition of diary entries, small essays, feuilleton observations, fragmentary reflections, letters, notes, verses… The narrowing or even loss of space for the free movement of thoughts and words caused those who did not resign themselves to creation, they set off in the only possible direction – into the depths.” (Ján Strasser)

What to watch:

leak roof (dir. S. Párnický, P. Scherhaufer)

The television production from 1971, which went into the vault immediately after completion and had its premiere only in 2007. According to Stanislav Párnický, the censor reproached the creators that the film was too pacifist and that war can be just if it fights for the interests of the working people. The story of soldiers who, through their dreams, escape from a reality that does not suit them. The film was inspired by Osvald Zahradník Vidin’s play. Although it is a television production, it was structured like a film, a hand-held camera was used in a documentary way, as well as innovative shooting methods (Laco Kraus). The story takes place in underground warehouses, one day the devices start to show increased radiation and two soldiers – an idealist and a materialist – lose their connection with the world underground. The “day after” came. They remain underground alone, with only their past lives coming back to them in visions. The story of the clash of these two worlds cannot end other than tragically. In our interview for Rádio Devín from 2008 Stanislav Párnický said: “It was a hard story about the fact that man is not very teachable and that if there were only two of us left in the world with different ideological or other opinions, even if they are only personal, we could to destroy because of them.’

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Where: STV – Dvojka

When: Sunday, July 16 at 1 p.m

PLAN.ART wishes you a pleasant weekend.

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