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Prison for dissident of the Teófilo Forero mobile column of the FARC in Huila

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Prison for dissident of the Teófilo Forero mobile column of the FARC in Huila

In a severe blow to the criminal activities of the FARC dissidents in the department of Huila, Alirio Pinto Tovar, an alleged active member of the Teófilo Forero mobile column, was sent to prison after the rigorous hearings held against him.

The measure was taken by a prosecutor delegated to the Gaula of the Huila Sectionwho filed charges against Pinto Tovar for his alleged responsibility in the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime for the purposes of extortion and homicide as the author and member of a residual organized armed group.

The arrest of Pinto Tovar was carried out through a search and seizure procedure in the La Argelia village of the municipality of Algeciras, executed by members of the Gaula of the Huila Police.

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The investigation that led to his capture began following a complaint filed by an affected citizen in April 2023. According to the complaint, the affected person received a pamphlet at his business located in Tello, Huila, where he was summoned to negotiate with the armed group in the rural area of ​​San Andrés Tello.

The investigations revealed the presence of the Jorge Suárez Briseño Block dissidents of the FARC in the region, organized into two fronts: Darío Gutiérrez Front and Iván Díaz Front. These dissidents would be active in several municipalities of Huila, generating anxiety and fear through the delivery of summons pamphlets to agree on extortion payments.

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The alleged suspect, Alirio Pinto Tovar, is suspected of having influence in Algeciras and would be a facilitator of logistical and human resources for the functioning of the dissident structure. In addition, it is attributed a crucial role in the identification of the population to exercise control over it.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has sufficient material evidence to demonstrate that the defendant would have full knowledge of the homicides ordered and carried out by the structure on July 14 of Yeison Lopez Vargas, alias Casco de Guerra, and on July 2 of Yeison David Ortiz Manjarrez where three people were also injured,” said the accusing body.

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