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Purge Case: Movements and parties must make changes to recover ethics and transparency

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The links between corruption and organized crime in some political organizations force citizens to play a more active role. To demand transparency and ethics from the political class.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) began this week by revealing the substance of a new corruption plot, on this occasion in the Provincial Court of Guayas. The Purge case became a hard blow to the Christian Social Party (PSC), when the former assemblyman of this store, Pablo Muentes, and 11 other people were arrested.

Although the political organization, through its board, has tried to distance himself from the actions of his former assemblyman, Discontent among citizens is evident and does nothing more than corroborate why only 5% of Ecuadorians believe in politicians.

At the moment The Government has not established a position on the Purge casewhile, within the National Assembly, the alliance between the ruling National Democratic Action (ADN), the Citizen Revolution (RC) and the PSC enters a new moment of definitions facing the future of governance in Parliament.

He case brings to the fore the crisis that political parties are experiencing for the election of their representatives and obliges the center-right movements to rethink their actions in the face of the new electoral year, which is already counting down and in which they must present the names of their candidates for the 2025 elections.

For the leaders consulted by LA HORA, Otto Sonnenholzner, Patricio Carrillo and Henry Cucalón, ethics, transparency and non-tolerance to organized crime must be the values to reconnect with Ecuadorians.

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‘It affects an organization’

The former vice president and former presidential candidate, Otto Sonnenholzner pointed out that the Purge case does not affect the political trend from the center-right, but yes to an organization that he should work so that “the whole truth comes to light.”

From his point of view, the PSC leadership “You have to give explanations and strive for the truth to come to light, “Let it be known in detail what has happened.”

Sonnenholzner pointed out that The Purga case is a continuation of Metastasis and he noted that they containthe parties with the largest number of representatives would be involved in the Assembly. “What justice has to determine is the probable lack of control in political organizations to define who represents them.”.

He added that thanks to the case Metastasis has been able to “verify the penetration of organized crime, not only in political parties, but throughout the institutionality of the State.”

Beyond the explanations that the parties can give, he said that “here the degradation of the values ​​of ethics is evident in public affairs.”

The former presidential candidate indicated that “lPolitical organizations have to change the short-term perspectivevoter, to see how they survive the next election.”

Democracy at risk

The former Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, highlighted that The events that occurred in the last week leave the country’s political dynamics “naked” and indicated that it is an “unprecedented event”only compared to the Bribery and Odebrecht case.

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Carrillo made it clear that Democracy has been “permeated” and Ecuadorian society must reflect about these events, “because what is at risk is not an electoral process, what is at real risk is democracy”.

He added that it should be put end to attempts to “buy off control authorities to destroy democracy through corruption”. “Parties should not seize the power to ban opposition leaders.”

He reiterated that the path to transform politics involves having movements and parties “with more democracy, transparency, respect for legality and the rule of law”.

He stressed that Ecuadorians must have the ability “to study and debate” on the proposals of the candidacies, “that are serious and outside of populismtoday more than ever Ecuador needs public policy and not populist proposals.”

He recommended that citizens stay away from the anti-system politicians who have appeared and given “demonstrations of authoritarianism, we can clearly identify them, they are the same people who reject the Constitutionwhich expresses its will not to abide by it.”

Carrillo considered that citizens should supportthose candidacies that “promote legitimacy and are tolerant of the concepts of the opposition.” (ILS)

‘Is it them or is it us’

The former Minister of Government and former assemblyman, Henry Cucalón, highlighted that the Metastasis and Purge cases do not affect a sector of Ecuadorian politics, “affects the party system, the political class”.
From his point of view, these actions of the FGE have left “the fragile or non-existent institutionality naked, it is infamous that Justice is kidnapped for political power.”

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He stressed that Ecuadorian society must fight to put an end to corruption, indicating that During the last hearings of the Purga case, it was evident that since 2022 “there were judges who had distorted the protection actions and precautionary measures,” as was reported at the time in the case of alias ‘Junior’ or alias ‘Fito’, who received decisions in their benefit.

He added that Citizens must take an active role and understand that, with the penetration of organized crime in some political organizations, “Citizens have to decide: either it is them or it is us. Society, citizens, the media have to demand from the political class that we be a single fist”.

Henry Cucalon He indicated that “there cannot be any type of tolerance in these types of issues.”

He concluded by pointing out that the Society must support the actions of prosecutor Diana Salazar and prevent your labor is detained by political groups that seek impunity.

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