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Resolutely and forcefully defend the Shanxi position

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Resolutely and forcefully defend the Shanxi position

The National Day holiday is approaching, but epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed for a moment. At present, the epidemic situation across the country is still spreading in many places, frequently occurring in many places, and gathering in local areas. In some areas, the risk of hidden spread of the epidemic across provinces is still high. In particular, we should be vigilant about the newly imported cases in Taiyuan and Datong in our province. In the face of the severe and complex situation of prevention and control and the re-emergence of local epidemic outbreaks, the 106th special meeting on epidemic prevention and control of the provincial party committee emphasized that the outbreak should be quickly and effectively extinguished, and the Shanxi position should be firmly and firmly held.

The three-character formula of “early, fast and accurate” is an effective strategy for our province to deal with the flashpoints of previous epidemics. The two cities of Taiyuan and Datong, where the epidemic occurred this time, must quickly enter an emergency state, concentrate their efforts, and seize the “window period” for emergency response. On the one hand, it is necessary to use a sensitive response and a pragmatic style to do detailed work such as real flow adjustment, screening, isolation, transfer, and treatment. Cut off the chain of epidemic transmission in the shortest time. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen social control, coordinate nucleic acid testing forces, and adjust the frequency of testing in a timely manner to prevent the hidden spread of the epidemic. Summarizing past experience, only by working hard on “early, fast, and accurate” can we achieve the greatest prevention and control effect at the least cost.

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Foreign importation has always been the top priority of epidemic prevention and control in our province. Facing the upcoming National Day holiday, the number of outbound travel, visiting relatives and friends, leisure and entertainment has increased, and personnel mobility has increased, increasing the risk of cross-regional spread of the epidemic . Although all parts of the country are actively advocating local festivals and reducing inter-provincial travel, it is still necessary to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and the normal travel and consumption needs of the masses. Transportation stations, hotels and homestays, scenic spots, supermarkets, cultural and entertainment venues and other key areas may still experience peak crowds, and requirements such as temperature measurement and code scanning must be strictly implemented, especially in scenic spots and scenic spots. and other regulations to avoid large gatherings of people in a short period of time. “I’m not afraid of a thousand days of tension, but I’m afraid of a moment’s relaxation.” Epidemic prevention and control during holidays is a big test, and key parts must not be left out of control. At the same time, in the face of the diverse festival needs of the masses, we must not only put “strict” prevention and control measures in place, but also “warm” people’s livelihood services. We must not only strengthen the “strength” of epidemic prevention and control, but also take care of the “temperature” of holiday life. “.

“It’s better to be prepared than to use, not to be prepared when unavailable”. To win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control, the building of prevention and control capabilities is crucial. This is not only a test of the province’s governance system and governance capacity, but also an important opportunity for improvement. The progress of the reconstruction and construction of Fangcang shelter hospitals and the standard reserve status of centralized isolation places must be “knowingly and knowingly” to ensure that they can be put into use within 24 hours if there is a demand. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously improve nucleic acid sampling and testing capabilities, not only to cope with normalized testing, but also to effectively meet the needs of emergency response situations.

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The more the masses celebrate the festival, the more it is necessary for all departments at all levels to fulfill their duties and consolidate their responsibilities, so as to ensure that there are enough prevention and control forces on duty. The majority of party members and cadres must not only take the lead in consciously abiding by various epidemic prevention regulations, and urge the masses to protect themselves, so as not to leave Shanxi unless it is necessary, but also have a sense of responsibility of “always rest assured” and a sense of urgency of “firmly defending the Shanxi position”. Go all out to do a good job on duty. During the on-duty period, it is necessary to maintain the prudence of walking on thin ice and the keenness of seeing Ye Zhiqiu, so as to discover and investigate various hidden dangers in time. In particular, we must pay close attention to key tasks such as production safety and epidemic prevention and control, improve the plan, refine the process, ensure a scientific and efficient response, and respond effectively and orderly. The masses have a healthy, happy and safe National Day holiday.

In the golden autumn of Sanjin, the national flag flutters and flowers are everywhere. In the strong atmosphere of celebrating the National Day, the whole province should still be cautious, pay close attention to various prevention and control work with a high sense of political responsibility, and firmly hold the bottom line of no large-scale rebound and hidden spread of the epidemic. Hold the position in Shanxi and welcome the victory of the Party’s 20th National Congress with excellent prevention and control results. (Chen Lifang)

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(Editors in charge: Ma Lu, Sang Liyuan)

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