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Reunion and Happiness: Cuban Families Reunited in the United States

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Reunion and Happiness: Cuban Families Reunited in the United States

“Emotional Arrival of Cuban Family Members in the United States Reflects the Joy of Reunion”

The dream of reunion continues to be a happiness within reach for many Cuban families who have applied to the humanitarian parole program. This was confirmed by a heartwarming video that depicted the emotional arrival of 12 members of a Cuban family to the United States, where they were enthusiastically welcomed by about twenty people at the airport. The welcome celebration included balloons and a nice banner, creating a touching scene of family reunion.

“Who sent us to apply for parole? There are 12,” said the original poster, which included a cutout photo of each of the travelers. The arrival of the family members was met with overwhelming joy and gratitude, with Cuban Yadira Arcis expressing her happiness and calling it a great opportunity for her family. “They almost threw us out, but they have no idea how happy I am,” she wrote on social networks.

The group of arriving family members included a young man in a wheelchair and an elderly woman, as well as several adults and minors. Since the end of January, when the first lucky ones began to arrive, numerous videos have emerged, reflecting the joy of the reunion of thousands of Cuban families. The images are a testament to the emotional impact of the humanitarian parole program, which has brought happiness to many Cuban families.

The United States Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP) revealed that more than 52,000 Cubans have received authorization to travel to the United States since the humanitarian parole program began in January until last September. Of those cases, 50,185 Cubans have already arrived on American soil, indicating the positive impact of the program.

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However, uncertainty continues for thousands of parole applicants with financial sponsors, after a court order issued on August 31 ruled that the decision on the permanence of this program is postponed until the end of the year. Despite this, the arrival of Cuban families in the United States continues to depict the happiness and joy of reunification.

In May, the US government introduced changes to the application selection process, combining the random approval of cases with attention to requests with longer waiting times. This has brought hope to many families waiting for the opportunity to reunite in the United States.

The emotional arrival of the Cuban family members in the United States serves as a reminder of the positive impact of the humanitarian parole program and the joy it brings to families seeking reunion. As the program faces uncertainty, the hope and happiness of these families continue to inspire many others waiting for the same opportunity.

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