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Rocio San Miguel is still kidnapped by the Venezuelan dictatorship

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The Prosecutor’s Office confirms the arrest of Rocío San Miguel for alleged “conspiracy” against Maduro.

“The Public Ministry reports the arrest of the citizen Rocío del Carmen San Miguel Sosa, this by virtue of an arrest warrant against her for being allegedly linked and referenced in the conspiracy and attempted assassination plot called Brazalete Blanco,” Saab published on its official X network account this Sunday afternoon.

-EFE: The confirmation of the capture comes two days after, according to various non-governmental organizations and opposition political parties, the lawyer was detained at the Maiquetía international airport – which serves Caracas -, where she planned to take a flight together with his daughter.

Tarek William Saab, attorney general of Venezuela appointed by the fraudulent National Constituent Assembly.
Saab did not offer further details of the case or report where San Miguel, director of the NGO Citizen Control and who has a precautionary measure of protection from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, is detained. Photo: EFE.
-El País: Human rights activist Rocío San Miguel detained in Venezuela.

The lawyer, of dual Venezuelan and Spanish nationality, has been missing since Friday, when intelligence agents detained her.

-Cocuyo Effect. Maria Corina Machado rejects the arrest of Rocío San Miguel: We warn that Maduro’s repressive onslaught continues.

-Cocuyo Effect: NGOs and political parties condemn the arrest of Rocío San Miguel.

-@NTN24ve: The regime activated its bots with the hashtag #RocioNoEsUnaSanta and spread false information that the lawyer and human rights defender, Rocío San Miguel, had an arrest warrant from #22E at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office.

-Cocuyo Effect: Amnesty International calls for the release of lawyer Rocío San Miguel.

-TalCual: Activists and NGOs wonder where Rocío San Miguel is and demand her release.

-Alfredo Romero in X: “At 9:30pm @rociosanmiguel is still missing. After confirmation of her arrest by the prosecution, her lawyers @theresly or her family have not had contact with her. There is no information of having been presented in court. #WhereThisRocio”

-As it is. María Corina Machado: “They are going to go against anyone they think they lose to.”

Machado affirms that within the ruling party there are those who are open to a transition. He avoids revealing whether they would choose to register whoever “keeps his place” for the presidential elections, or the criticism about the organization of his campaign. Of course, he calls for working together because “I can’t do it alone.”

-TalCual: Padrino López assures that the FAN carries out a non-hostile presence in Essequibo territory.

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-TalCual: Maduro regime denounces alleged new campaign by Guyana and ExxonMobil.

-El Pitazo. Francisco Rodríguez: Biden government has the power to stop Citgo auction.

The economist considers that a decision by the US Government that allows Citgo to be saved depends on a political agreement between Maduro’s representatives and the Venezuelan opposition. Photo: El Pitazo.
-Víctor Salmerón: “Economist José Manuel Puente warns that the stability of the dollar is unsustainable: he explains that the equilibrium exchange rate is 70 bolivars per dollar and that sooner or later the adjustment will come.”

-ArmandoInfo: Roberto Leyba never loses his wits (nor his fair connections).

Showing an ability to combine the facets of businessman, lawyer and lobbyist, this senior partner of the Venezuelan Attorneys firm navigates public accusations and judicial controversies while expanding a robust business network and relationships with power.

ArmandoInfo: Venezuelan Attorneys is the law firm with which Leyba defended PDVSA in several cases. Credit: capture venezuelanattorneys.com
-EFE: ALBA repudiates “misappropriation” of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane “hijacked” in Argentina.

-As it is. “I continue fighting for his freedom”: Lieutenant Franklin Caldera has been detained for three years.

The Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela denounced the abuses and torture to which First Lieutenant (Ex) Franklin Caldera Martínez has been subjected. Photo: TalCual.
-El Pitazo: Mérida. Southern towns seek support from the Spanish crown to maintain field production in 2024.

A group of farmers belonging to the areas of Bailadores, Tovar, Santa Cruz de Mora, Guaraque, Capurí, El Molino, Canaguá, Pueblo Nuevo del Sur, San José and Tachiran towns such as Pregonero, decided to send a letter to the crown by email. Spanish on December 25, 2023.
The lack of gasoline during 2023 and the migration of young farmers have left the Southern Towns without options to continue their production.
They claim to be running out of both human and economic capital and finding themselves isolated from the national government.
The letter is addressed directly to “His Royal Majesty, Felipe VI” and explains the colonial, genetic, architectural and labor roots that connect them with Spain.
Contreras says: “we are proud to preserve the memory of those times, and that is why we extend a cordial invitation to the Spanish Crown to visit these towns, living witnesses of shared history.”
On January 16, 2024 they received a response and since then they have been raising funds to travel during the month of February.
Contreras mentions that this is the only opportunity he sees to stop migration from the countryside, and allow them to export their products to the European community through a special permit.

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Potato is one of the most harvested crops in the Andean fields. Photo: courtesy.
-TalCual: Venezuelan Church awaits confirmation of the second miracle of José Gregorio Hernández.

We monitor: Cardinal Baltazar Porras announced that the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández is expected in 2025. Photo: TalCual.
-El Nacional: New York will try a 15-year-old Venezuelan migrant as an adult for a shooting in Times Square.

-EFE: Hezbollah claims five attacks against Israel amid an upsurge in violence.

-EFE: Netanyahu says that Israel will direct its offensive towards Rafah despite international pressure.

-EFE: Biden asks Netanyahu to refrain from an attack on Rafah without a plan to protect civilians.

-AP: Israel attacks Moody’s for lowering its credit rating.

-AP: Russia launches 45 drones in major attack on Ukraine as kyiv reshuffles its war cabinet.

-EFE: The Democrats’ proposal to provide aid to Ukraine advances in the US Senate.

-El Mundo: Ukraine assures that the Russians use Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites on the front. This system was only intended to ensure connectivity for Ukrainians and for Ukrainian forces to communicate with each other.

-AFP: Biden criticizes Trump’s “appalling and dangerous” comments about NATO.

-LaPatilla: The president of the European Council, Charles Miche, accuses Trump of “serving Putin’s interests.”

-AP: NATO Secretary General warns that Trump’s statements put soldiers at risk.

-El País: Neither Biden nor the Democratic Party are reconsidering the candidacy.

-EFE: The US Secretary of Defense is admitted to the intensive care unit.

-El País: The Secretary of Defense of the United States, hospitalized again.

Lloyd Austin has been admitted for the third time in two months due to the cancer he suffers from. PHOTO: Reuters.
-EFE: The crisis in Nicaragua has left a journalist murdered, 242 displaced and 22 stateless.

-AP: Nicaragua’s repression against the Catholic Church sows fear among the faithful.

-EFE: Ecuadorian judge orders investigation of alleged torture in prisons under military intervention.

-EFE: They ask to protect 27,000 people due to an “armed strike” by the ELN in western Colombia.

-El País: Milei buries the campaign to discredit the Pope with a hug.

The Argentine president, who came to call Francis the “representative of evil on Earth,” attends the canonization of ‘Mama Antula’. Photo: The Pope and Argentine President Milei embrace after canonizing the first Argentine saint. VATICAN MEDIA.
-EFE: Boric estimates that the reconstruction of the Valparaíso fires will take two years.

-El País: The hidden cabinet of Nayib Bukele.

A group of Venezuelans with roots in anti-Chavismo manages fundamental aspects of the Government and the successful electoral campaigns of the president of El Salvador in the shadows. Photo: Sarah Hanna, advisor to the Government of El Salvador and Nayib Bukele, president of the country. THE COUNTRY.
-EFE: Conservative Alexander Stubb narrowly wins the Finnish presidential election.

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-AFP: The parades start at the Sambódromo and the eyes of the world rest on Rio.

Members of the Porto da Pedra samba school perform during the first night of the Carnival parade at the Marques de Sapucai Sambodrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 11, 2024. (MAURO PIMENTEL).
-Lapatilla: Taylor Swift encouraged her boyfriend from the stands at the Super Bowl.

-AFP: Usher stars at the Super Bowl concert, but Taylor Swift and Beyoncé steal the show.

-The Reason: Patrick Mahomes is the MVP and sits at the GOATS table.

Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LVIII, earning his third ring and third Super Bowl MVP.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after winning NFL Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers. Photo: AP.
-We monitor: Paris inaugurates the only permanent installation in the city of the 2024 Olympic Games.

The Adidas Arena has capacity for 8,000 spectators, where the artistic gymnastics and badminton competitions of the Games will be held, as well as the weightlifting and badminton competitions of the Paralympic Games. Photo: We monitor.
-El País: Record holder Kelvin Kiptum dies in a traffic accident. The Kenyan athlete, who was traveling with his coach, set the marathon world record last October with 2:00:35.

Kelvin Kiptum was celebrating winning the Chicago Marathon in October. Photo: GETTY.
-AFP: Argentina qualifies for Paris-2024 football and leaves two-time champion Brazil eliminated.

-AFP: Barça saves a draw and Atlético loses in Seville.

-AFP: Milan settles on the podium after beating a downtrodden Naples.

-Lapatilla: The Tiburones de La Guaira from Venezuela, champions of the 2024 Caribbean Series, arrived this Sunday afternoon at the “Simón Bolívar” international airport in Maiquetía.

Fans and family members received the Tiburones de La Guaira players at the Maiquetía international airport. Photo: X / @OrlefrankA/Lapatilla.
-We monitor: Águilas de Mexicali received the official mandate for the organization of the 2025 Caribbean Series.

-We monitor: Caribbean Series Miami 2024 said goodbye with record attendance: 36,677 people.

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