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San José del Palmar already has a garbage collection car

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San José del Palmar already has a garbage collection car

Due to the efforts of Aguas del Chocó and the mayor’s office of San José del Palmar, this municipality already has a solid waste collection car since June 2.

Aguas del Chocó transferred 65% of all the resources and the other 35% to the municipality, after signing an inter-administrative agreement, which made it possible to purchase the compactor vehicle, given the lack of adequate and timely transport of the waste to the place of final disposal.

The departmental entity, headed by Engineer Ana María Córdoba Lozano, is also advancing the construction of the sanitary landfill in San José del Palmar with all the technical specifications, after the project meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Housing.

In this way, the residents of Palma will be able to count on a system for the collection and final disposal of solid waste, which ends the environmental and public health problems that were occurring.

San José del Palmar entered the Chocó Departmental Water Plan two years ago under the management of Mayor Yina Marelvis Mosquera.

The mayoress thanked the work of Aguas del Chocó, as well as the councilors Héller Sánchez, Cecilia Amaya, Johnny Realpe, Óscar Valencia and James Oncada, who from the local council promoted the initiative to grant them powers to sign the agreement, as well as that the Secretary of Planning and the company of Public Services of the municipality, who participated in the presentation of the project before the Ministry of Housing.

The manager of Aguas del Chocó hopes that the same thing will happen with the municipality of Bagadó since an inter-administrative agreement was signed with the mayor of this municipality with a similar purpose.

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