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Sanremo 2022, the best and worst of the early evening

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A lot of joy, but also a lot of emotion. Tears full of emotion. Amadeus, Gianni Morandi, Massimo Ranieri and even Damiano by Måneskin. Seeing them let themselves be carried away by the moment is the real show. The first to be moved, at the opening of the 72nd edition of Sanremo, is Ama. As soon as he goes down the stairs and sees the audience in the hall, he doesn’t hide his happiness. And he immediately welcomes the audience back in the hall: “Either it’s the age, since I’m about to turn 60, or it’s the presence of the audience: we missed you so much”. A small sign of normality, which for a moment takes away the thoughts on the pandemic, with which we have been living for two years now.

Top and flop, that’s why the homage to Battiato is the real flop of the first evening of Sanremo

Gianni Morandi is also moved, who after 22 years of absence from the race returns with Open all doors. Before performing and going to the hundred per hour he receives a very long applause, revealing his shining eyes. A similar emotion for Massimo Ranieri as well. The “eternal rivals”, as they were painted since the days of Canzonissima – now again one against the other – are practically divided into equal parts by the applause, as well as the tears barely held back.

Chills for Mahmood and Blanco: the couple ignites the Ariston and conquers the public

After a true star performance, even Damiano cries. After singing Coraline he can’t control himself and lets himself be taken by the moment. Ama hugs him and takes the standing ovation of the Ariston, where the triumphal march of the Måneskin started a year ago.

There is a desire to dance. The audience swings on the red armchairs to the notes of different songs and goes wild with the house of Meduza. The Ariston turns into a nightclub with the trio made up of producers Simone Giani, Luca De Gregorio and Mattia Vitale. “Dance well, with masks,” urges Amadeus. And the public does not have it repeated twice: all standing for the medley made up of Piece of your heart, Lose control, Paradise e Tell it my heart (the latest feat Dozier). The room becomes a funfair, instead, with Ana Mena and her Two hundred thousand hours. We also dance with Dargen D’Amico: Where do you dance has the perfect rhythm for swaying. The feet also move with Morandi’s twist.

Live report cards Sanremo, Achille Lauro repeats himself, the great Morandi is moved

Fiorello, also this year, does not disappoint. It is anticipated by a series of “cards” that Amadeus reads one by one. «Read them one at a time and turn the page, ask the teacher for a sad background,“ Hi Ama do you know who I am? your former friend Ciuri … “». Then, continuing, “you start a pressing base, read the hunchback and …”. And here he is, Fiore, making his entrance as a scream. Armed with a thermoscanner, he measures the fever of the audience in the hall. “I’m here for the third time: I’m your third dose, the entertainment booster.” Then he continues: «I have the next artistic director, General Figliuolo». He pretends to be angry because he is forced to go up on stage again, repeats several times to his friend to shut up: «I’m a little bit your Mattarella, he didn’t want to either, he didn’t think about it. Do you know what he wanted to do? The Voice senior ». There is also a gag about no vax: Fiore raises his arm, says he feels pain and underlines: “Attention, it’s the vaccine, it’s the strong powers, it’s graphene …”. In the end he forces Ama to kiss the current director of Raiuno, Coletta, “because otherwise you will have a colossal bad luck”.

Live Scoreboard Sanremo, Ranieri confirms himself as a gentleman, for Mahmood and Blanco thrills of victory

The worst

Achille Lauro repeats himself. There is nothing wrong with his performance, yet something is missing. He shows up on stage with bare chest and tattoos in full view. Sing Sunday wearing only leather pants. At the end he stages a self-baptism by making water fall on his face from a large shell. The provocation is there, but perhaps the staging is incomplete.

Sanremo, from the return of the Maneskin to the public standing for the Meduza: the first evening in 5 moments

A little subdued Ornella Muti. At first he speaks so softly that someone from the audience shouts: “You can’t hear it.” The actress, after the controversy over cannabis, is again targeted on social media for her homage to cinema. He remembers his career: «Tognazzi an older brother. Deaf cheerful and very intelligent. Fabulous village, witty but also cynical ». He spends intense words, in particular, for Massimo Troisi: “It was a special meeting, it was as if he knew he had a time that could run out, he was hungry for life”. And again Gerard Depardiue «a whirlwind», Stallone «unique» and then an emotional greeting for Francesco Nuti. There is not even a woman on the list, and the web judges the selection “macho” and reductive.

Live report cards Sanremo, Ana Mena takes us to the rides, Dargen D’Amico in a 90s disco

Without racket in hand Matteo Berrettini does not seem at ease. Too set, shy, he is saved by Fiorello’s jokes who rushes to the stage at the right moment on time.

Wasted the homage to Franco Battiato, who passed away last May. The tribute airs after half past midnight and is too short. The great singer-songwriter would have deserved more attention. Just after midnight Giusy Ferreri, the twelfth artist in the competition, finishes singing. Perhaps, in terms of timing, the first evening of the Festival could have ended there.

Sanremo 2022, princesses, robbers and sailors: the most commented looks of the early evening

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