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Savona, poorly stored vaccines and reservations haywire

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Professors and volunteers of civil protection, janitors and municipal police officers: about a hundred lined up this morning in front of the clinic in Alassio, in the Savona area, due to the tilt of vaccinations for a corrupt batch of unusable vaccines. The Asl2, immediately alerted, ordered an emergency replacement delivery, but the people summoned for immunization waited up to an hour and a half for the new vials to arrive, forming a long queue and protesting: most of them had asked for leave from work to receive the vaccination and was in difficulty, having to give up the wait due to the expiry of the permit.

Tiziana Girante, employee of the Albenga secretariat explains: “What happened is very serious. We were told that the new doses would arrive from Savona within an hour, but more than an hour and a half has already passed and we still haven’t are seen. Here there are people who have taken leave and days off because they strongly believe in the importance of vaccinating. We all hope to be able to do so, but at the moment we are without protection. But what is certain is that the ‘Italian system’ does not it works very well if inadequately stored vaccines are delivered. “
Similar situation also at the tensile structure of Campolau: here too the vaccinations were blocked all morning waiting for the arrival of the new doses. Stefano Cocco, head of the vaccination hub, specifies: “We are late with the start of vaccinations as there were problems during transport. The doses arrived cannot be used. We await the arrival of the new bottles. come from Savona and we will begin the administration “.
The situation was resolved around 13.

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Problems with booking vaccines, on the other hand, are registered in Alassio: the options for obtaining immunization for the 75-79 range, which can now be registered, are blocked.

In this regard, the Liguria Region and Digital Liguria specify the following:

“Reservations for Ligurians between 79 and 75 are proceeding smoothly, through the channels provided and communicated several times, none of which includes, for this age group, the involvement of general practitioners and therefore also of the Savona health centers .
This is demonstrated by the 4,300 bookings already successful (figure of 3.45 pm continuously increasing, they were 3,939 to 13.50) by citizens residing in the territory of the Asl2. As the Region has repeated several times, reservations for this age group began yesterday evening at 11 pm through the dedicated portal prenotovaccino.regione.liguria.it and continued today and will continue in the coming days also through the dedicated toll-free number, the territorial counters del Cup and pharmacies. All this information is clearly reported on the Liguria Region website and also disseminated through the social media channels of the Authority.
On the contrary, general practitioners, who in no other province and even less at a regional level have complained of similar problems, are continuing with the reservations of the population groups entrusted to them also for vaccination, that is, to date, the ‘vulnerable’ people (under 70) and the priority categories indicated at national level (school staff, civil protection, judicial offices, firefighters, etc.). They are also reporting to the territorially competent local health authorities both ‘extremely vulnerable’ people, who will be contacted by the local health authorities through the Cup to make an appointment for vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna ‘freeze’ vaccines, and ‘non-ambulatory’ people for vaccination at home. The vaccination of 79-75 year olds (and then also 74-70 year olds), is instead entrusted to the ASL. In the belief that the task of general practitioners is to deepen the pathways so as to be able to support their clients rather than feed controversy, we reiterate our gratitude to all the professionals committed to speeding up the vaccination campaign in Liguria as much as possible. “

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