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School policy coverage benefits 66 thousand students from Pereira

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School policy coverage benefits 66 thousand students from Pereira

The Pereira Municipal Education Secretariat reported that the 66,000 students enrolled in the city’s Educational Institutions are already covered by the School Policy, which guarantees the protection of 100% of children and young people during the remaining 180 days of the school calendar 2023.

The professional risk management company Positiva Compañía de Seguros SA was selected through an abbreviated selection process for minor amounts, with an award of $349 million. With this contract, it seeks to safeguard the life and physical integrity of students within educational institutions during school hours and in academic outings endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

It is important to note that the school policy does not cover flu symptoms or other diseases that are not accidents within school facilities. Likewise, the Ministry of Education calls on the educational community, including teachers, teaching directors and parents, so that they do not refer students to assistance centers thinking that the school policy will cover such cases. In addition, the coverage does not apply on weekends, holidays or outside of class hours.

Since the students are in the mid-year vacation season, the policy will begin to operate once the children and young people enter the classroom again to start the second semester of the school calendar.

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