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Sexuality in adolescence |  KienyKe

One of the most sensitive points is sexual education and how it starts. It is quite a vademecum and includes pubertal changes, personal relationships, sexual orientation, contraceptives and abortion. Much more than giving instructions, how to put on a condom and, in some situations, this must be taught. How good to remember and put yourself in the shoes of young people. It is not necessary to talk about the first sexual relationship. There are factors that influence and among them child marriage and sexual tourism. It is estimated that 22% (Latin America and the Caribbean) and 26% in Europe. We cannot forget the accompanying risks: drug use, alcohol, prostitution and dropping out of school. How sad to think about HIV and AIDS: 5,400,000 adolescents live with HIV and close to 50% are between 15 and 24 years old and all of these risks are greater in women.

Young people are supposed to use condoms or birth control pills; However, many do not use it due to lack of information or denied opportunity. Then abortions or terminations of pregnancy occur. The WHO estimates that 2,500,000 of these interventions are performed each year and 15% are performed on young people under 20 years of age. We have ruling C-055 in Colombia, but the figures are alarming.

During puberty, erections are frequent and common in men, the corpus spongiosum fills with blood, the penis enlarges and hardens. Sometimes there is stimulation, but sometimes they are the strangest circumstances and these decrease as the patient grows. In women, do not expect puberty to confuse them: they feel infatuated and with sexual desire obvious changes in the genitals occur. In both it is a physiological process, towards sexual identity and it must be left to mature on its own. Widening of the hips, breasts, menstruation, changes in pelvic shape and adolescent odor. Always keep in mind that puberty is the physical changes that transform a child into an adult. What the child experiences are evident: changes in voice, wet dreams, enuresis, involuntary erections and breast enlargement. Obvious physiological changes of the course of adolescence, but, on certain occasions. You have to teach the young people. Nothing hidden and with frankness, everything very simple with a -clear truth- that leaves no doubts.

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Adolescence involves talking about sexual identity, sex and sexuality. It is advisable to clearly address boys’ doubts about their sexual development. True information carries an important degree of moral guidance and this provides the tools for the boy to go out into the street. “The most important thing is to teach responsibility,” Siegel, Md., and it is the antidote to the amount of garbage the media offers. Converting them into teaching strategies and teaching methods is very useful and they become the best of all pedagogies to achieve sexual identity.

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