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SMEs, up to Christmas spending of 90 billion for businesses

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SMEs, up to Christmas spending of 90 billion for businesses

«90 billion, the value of 3 manoeuvres. This is how much Italian companies will have to spend in the period between the end of November and Christmas, adding up a series of tax obligations and employee bonuses. 90,000 companies could not withstand the impact and be forced to close forever, leaving about 1 million workers at home”. The estimate emerges from a survey conducted by the Centro Studi di Conflavoro Pmi. In particular, tomorrow is the deadline for Irap payments (a proceeds of 12 billion) and Ires and Irpef advances (23 billion), while December 27 is the last day for VAT advances (21.7 billion). In the middle, the thirteenth month salary which, alone, affects the balance sheets of companies for 33.1 billion. Furthermore, the survey does not consider all the additional expenses, such as rents, mortgages, energy and raw material price increases, other local taxes and the penalties for omitted or delayed payments to be paid by entrepreneurs. «From the research – comments Roberto Capobianco, national president of Conflavoro Pmi – it is evident how companies, also given the particular economic situation, will encounter enormous difficulties in supporting these staggering disbursements. Many will not even survive. More than half of the Italian companies (58.1%) will pay the amount due but with many inconveniences. 10 companies out of 100 (9.7%) will instead be able to pay only a part. 30 companies out of 100 (29.4%) will be forced to ask for a deferment of payments. The situation is very critical and frustrates a period of the year which should instead be a harbinger of growth in production and consumption, but which sees a distortion of the system at its base, i.e. the payment of advances on subsequent installments, therefore paid as an advance on a actual collection not yet materialized. We are facing yet another crisis – concludes the president of Conflavoro Pmi – which cannot be resolved forever with emergency aid, but only on a structural basis with the reduction of the tax burden, a series of incentives for businesses and a massive injection of liquidity from the state.

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