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Spa holidays outside the region, Feltrina positive for the Delta variant

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The result comes from the Zooprophylactic Institute. The number of positives linked to the Pedavena Cup rises to eight

BELLUNO. First case of positivity linked to the Delta variant in the province of Belluno. The mutation that scares Europe so much has also appeared in the Belluno area.

The response comes from the Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie in Padua, which sequenced the modifications of the virus in the swab performed on June 28 to a sixty-year-old woman from Feltre. The woman, who returned from a spa stay outside the region, had begun to show significant symptoms, so much so that she decided to go to the drive-in to undergo the swab which then tested positive. His test had been sent by the Prevention Department directly to the Zooprophylactic for sequencing and yesterday the result arrived which certifies, in fact, the presence of the Indian variant also at the foot of the Dolomites.

Two outbreaks in Feltre

In the last 24 hours, three further positives were reported, again referring to the Feltre area. The reconstruction of the epidemic chains carried out by the Prevention has thus made it possible to highlight the presence of two small outbreaks. The first is linked to the Pedavena Cup sporting event: another twenty-year-old who attended the event as a spectator tested positive, bringing to eight cases linked to the 5-a-side football tournament. About thirty people were quarantined. The second outbreak concerns a family unit consisting of a mother and two children and is connected to the Anzù summer center, which was closed as a precaution, with the quarantine of about twenty children. For them the next buffer has already been set at the end of ten days of active surveillance at home.

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The checks continue

The Covid point of Feltre, active with extended hours just to deal with these new infections, yesterday performed 208 swabs, partly arranged by the contact tracing team of the Prevention department, partly for spontaneous access by people participating as spectators of the Pedavena Cup In recent days, in fact, the Ulss 1 Dolomiti appealed to those who had been to the sporting event to undergo the anti Covid test.

Ulss 1 dolomites

“For about a week we have been sending to sequence all the swabs that test positive for Covid”, explains the Director of Prevention, Sandro Cinquetti, who adds: “For now, the Delta variant does not seem to have any connections with the Pedavena Cup infections, but we await outcome of the Zooprophylactic. However, we are reconstructing the activities and contacts had by the positive guys before the sporting event ».

The two outbreaks show that the epidemic in our territory is not over: “Last year in July we had the small Eurobrico cluster, also in the Feltre area,” Cinquetti recalls. “These increases in cases, which fortunately do not require hospitalization, show that the low number of cases has led to freer behaviors, especially in the youth groups, with a certain inattention in the use of the mask, in distancing. Here are explained the new cases of positivity also linked to the variant of the virus that presents greater contagiousness “.

To understand if the epidemic has returned in an overwhelming way, we will have to wait from 15 to 20 days. «I advise everyone to keep their attention high. Those who have symptoms, even mild ones, must immediately undergo the swab: the sooner we identify the positives, the sooner we can contain the spread of the virus ».

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