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“Spectacular” water attraction proposed in Bellewaerde: “The adventure starts in the queue” (Ypres)

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Ypres –

A few weeks before the reopening, Ypres’ Bellewaerde Park offers a glimpse behind the construction fences of the new park zone, where the ‘beetles’ will roam until the end of 2022. The old western village made way for a new Amazon world with a “world first”.

The new zone will be called ‘Mundo Amazonia’ and will include three new attractions. “Including a real world first: the oversized Amazonia, a unique water attraction for the whole family,” says park director Stefaan Lemey.

“The adventure starts in the queue among the exotic natural beauty. There, visitors make their way to a large iron building. It depicts an old abandoned mine building, where emeralds were mined long ago and which now serves as the entry station for the water attraction.” (Read more below the photo)

Park director Stefaan Lemey and the park mascot in one of the boats. — © Thijs Pattyn

Parkgoers take place in boats for eight people and are lifted to a height of eighteen meters via an inclined lift. “You slide down a swirling water slide until you splash into the first water basin,” says Lemey. “You then rise via a spectacular rotating vertical lift to a height of nineteen meters and end up on a gigantic half-pipe via a second water slide. The boat ripples for a moment to allow the occupants to recover and then the adventure ends with an unexpected free fall into a mine shaft. This spectacular combination of experiences is unique in the world.” (Read more below the photo)

The attraction is almost ready. — © Thijs Pattyn

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“For those who want to keep it a little quieter, there is Rio do Cacao. These are mini tree trunks, which offer children the opportunity to experience the first sensation of a water attraction through a gentle splash. And there are also the Brazilian Buggies: a kids coaster with a first rollercoaster experience tailored to the little ones, a subtle nod to the Keverbaan of the past.” (Read more below the photo)

The planting of one of the new trees. — © Thijs Pattyn

In addition to the attractions, the zone also has the new souvenir shop Samba Souvenirs with emeralds and other gemstones and the new catering point Tropical Takeaway. “With a beautiful terrace where you can taste the exotic atmosphere in delicious empanadas, deliciously crispy nachos and delicious tacos. A completely new offering in the food range of Bellewaerde Park.” (Read more below the photo)

The new water attraction. — © Thijs Pattyn

“Everything is surrounded by newly planted natural beauty in a South American and Brazilian atmosphere,” says Demey. “No fewer than eighty large native trees with a height of ten to eighteen meters will be planted, as well as seventy exotic and multi-stemmed trees with a height of five to ten meters, thirty large multi-stemmed exotic shrubs of three meters and six hundred smaller shrubs up to two meters high.At ground level, 1,400 forest plants provide the finishing touches.” (Read more below the photo)

© Thijs Pattyn

“We invested 21 million euros in the development and construction of this new zone, which is part of the long-term vision of continually being innovative as a theme park. We want to continue to surprise our loyal visitors and families with unique experiences and attract new visitors.”

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The park will reopen from March 30.

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© Thijs Pattyn

© Thijs Pattyn

© Thijs Pattyn

© Thijs Pattyn

© Thijs Pattyn

The new catering point. — © Thijs Pattyn

The kids coaster. — © Thijs Pattyn

The new souvenir shop. — © Thijs Pattyn

© Thijs Pattyn

© Thijs Pattyn

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