Home News “Squinting eyes” is also accused of “humiliating China” Scholars analyze why the CCP is hype | Three Squirrels | Mercedes-Benz | Zhao Ting

“Squinting eyes” is also accused of “humiliating China” Scholars analyze why the CCP is hype | Three Squirrels | Mercedes-Benz | Zhao Ting

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[Epoch Times December 31, 2021](Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Li Jing interviewed and reported) Since the beginning of this year, Chinese media have frequently hyped up “humiliating China” incidents, from German Mercedes-Benz advertisements to Chinese e-commerce posters, from domestically produced Movies to Hollywood blockbusters in the United States, nowadays, “squinting” makeup is also wearing a big hat of “humiliating China“.

In this regard, some scholars believe that the CCP is good at using various incidents to incite national sentiments. On the one hand, it uses this to show an illusion that it is supported in the country. On the other hand, the CCP hopes to beat those doing business in China through this mass movement. Foreign businessmen or entertainers succumbed to the CCP.

Chinese e-commerce posters accused of “humiliating China”

Recently, some netizens published a product promotion poster released by the Chinese food e-commerce company “Three Squirrels” in 2019. Some netizens accused it of deliberately vilifying Chinese people because of the “squinting” of the model in the poster. This matter has caused controversy on the Internet, and the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “People’s Daily” also recently published a commentary on the matter.

Soon, the “three squirrels” issued an apology and stated that the model on the page was a Chinese, and their makeup was based on their personal characteristics, without deliberately ugly.

Later, the model involved also expressed through social media that her eyes were already small. She just took photos of the business to complete the work according to the requirements, not deliberately creating a so-called “humiliating China” image. I hope some netizens will not Then I insulted her privately, “I am not worthy of being a Chinese because of my small eyes? I am patriotic and I raise my hands in favor! But everything has to be online, then this is a kind of sickness!”

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Regarding this, Li Yuanhua, former associate professor of Capital Normal University, told The Epoch Times: “Behind these so-called insults to China, there is a manifestation of the authorities’ extreme inconfidence. It continues this pattern of abnormal thinking, whether it is abroad. The brand is still a domestic brand.”

“Because this involves the aesthetic difference between the East and the West, many Westerners think that the slender eyes belong to the beauties of the East, so many Western businesses use the beauty they think to please Chinese consumers, and some Chinese designers It may be a continuation or variation of the foreign aesthetics.”

CCP hype “humiliating China” Mercedes-Benz is also attacked

After the “three squirrels”, Mercedes-Benz ads again appeared “squinted.”

Recently, some netizens released the cover of an advertisement promoted by Mercedes-Benz in WeChat Moments on Weibo. The model in the advertisement is also the image of “squinting eyes”. The cover of this advertisement for Mercedes-Benz has also caused controversy.

In fact, this video advertisement of Mercedes-Benz was published on its official Weibo account on December 25. In the video, Mercedes-Benz uses a male and a female model partners to promote the new car.

In addition, China‘s domestically produced animated film “The Lion Boy” is currently being screened. Recently, because the main characters are “squinted,” the film is considered by some netizens to vilify the image of Chinese people, which has also attracted controversy.

In this regard, Professor Feng Chongyi of the University of Technology Sydney believes: “The concept of so-called insult to China has been abused since Xi Jinping came to power. These five cents of angry youth, including the so-called patriotic overseas Chinese, have been abusing this concept to suppress political speeches of different opinions. “

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“In the case of the five-mood angry youth, any criticism of the CCP can rise to the level of insulting China. In addition, the CCP’s control of speech is very powerful, and some people will use this to find a way to vent their dissatisfaction.” Feng Chongyi said.

Scholar: The CCP used it to incite national sentiment

In February of this year, Chinese director Zhao Ting won the 78th Golden Globe Awards for Best Director and the 93rd Academy Awards for Best Director for “A Place Without a Back”. She is the first Asian woman to win the Golden Globe Award.

At the beginning, CCTV and other CCP official media once praised Zhao Ting as “the pride of China.” Later, some mainland netizens discovered that Zhao Ting’s previous two controversial statements had been picked up and accused him of “humiliating China.” Since then, Zhao Ting has been continuously blocked by the Chinese Communist Party. In April this year, on the day of the 93rd Academy Awards, Zhao Ting’s award and other Oscar information were deleted and blocked on a large scale in mainland China.

Previously, the media listed the top ten “humiliating China” events in the first half of 2021, and Zhao Ting was ranked tenth, in addition to Marvel’s first Chinese superhero movie “Shang Qi”, as well as international brands such as H&M Group, Nike and Adidas. Announced to stop purchasing Xinjiang cotton and other incidents.

Former Associate Professor of Capital Normal University Li Yuanhua said, “Similar so-called insults to China have happened many times. For the CCP, it is good at using various incidents to incite fanatic national sentiments.”

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“On the one hand, the CCP hopes to use this incited mass movement to show the illusion that it is still supported and supported by some people in the country. It is actually a manifestation of the CCP’s guilty conscience.”

“In addition, the CCP hopes to use this kind of mass movement to beat those foreign businessmen or entertainers who do business in China, to succumb to the CCP, or to become the CCP’s platform on international issues.”

Li Yuanhua believes, “These so-called insults to China reflect that the CCP’s spirit is particularly fragile. Because the CCP virus (Wuhan virus, New Coronavirus) has spread to the world, countries around the world have become more and more aware of the nature of the CCP. The CCP knows that it is here. The image that has cost a lot of money to build internationally has collapsed.”

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