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The Beijing Market Supervision Bureau issued a reminder to further regulate market price behavior-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: Beijing Market Supervision Bureau issued a reminder to further regulate market price behavior Operators are not allowed to hoard anti-epidemic supplies to drive up prices

Yesterday (5th), the Beijing Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued the “Reminder and Warning Letter on Further Regulating Market Price Behavior” to relevant operators, reminding operators not to use grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other livelihood commodities, masks, anti-virus products, etc. Anti-epidemic supplies such as medicines, disinfection supplies, and related medical equipment are hoarded, fabricating and spreading information about price increases, and driving up prices.

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The warning book mentioned that all relevant operators must strictly abide by the “Price Law of the People’s Republic of China“, “Price Marking and Prohibition of Price Fraud Regulations” and other regulations, strengthen price self-discipline, establish awareness of lawful operation, honesty and trustworthiness, and fair competition, establish and improve Internal price management mechanism and error correction mechanism to properly handle price disputes in a timely manner.

Conscientiously implement the relevant regulations on clearly marked prices. Selling goods should indicate the product name, price, pricing unit and other information. Operators providing services shall indicate the service items, service content and price or pricing method and other information. Operators who sell goods or provide services through the Internet or other means shall clearly mark the prices on the Internet pages in text, images, etc. The price tag must be true and accurate, the label must be aligned, and the label should be eye-catching, and the price change must be adjusted in a timely manner. Products may not be sold at a premium to the listed price, and any unstated fees shall not be charged.

It is not allowed to use false or misleading price means to lure consumers or other business operators into transactions with them. Prevent price violations such as false preferential discounts and failure to fulfill price commitments. It is necessary to accurately record and verify the production and operation costs of goods and services, and provide consumers with goods and services at reasonable prices. It is not allowed to hoard, fabricate and disseminate information about price increases, and drive up prices for people’s livelihood commodities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, and milk, masks, antiviral drugs, disinfection and sterilization supplies, and related medical equipment and other anti-epidemic supplies.

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Do not collude with each other, manipulate market prices, and damage the legitimate rights and interests of other operators or consumers. There shall be no price monopoly that excludes or restricts competition. Providers of trading venues such as stores, shopping malls, markets, and online trading platform operators should strengthen the regulation and guidance of operators in the venue (platform).

Market supervision departments at all levels in the city will strengthen price law enforcement inspections in key links and areas, keep an eye on complaints and reporting clues, and investigate and deal with various price violations in accordance with the law. Typical cases with bad circumstances will be severely punished according to law and publicly exposed.

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