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The carcass of a bear was found in Trentino – Trentino AA/S

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The carcass of a bear was found in Trentino – Trentino AA/S

On Monte Peller, it was in an advanced state of decomposition

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 02 – A rotting carcass of an adult bear was found yesterday evening in the Monte Peller area by Trentino forestry personnel. The very advanced state of decomposition does not allow us to formulate reliable hypotheses on the causes of death. However, the experts point out that the “mating season” is also accompanied by an increase in the competitiveness between specimens and clashes between bears are not rare.
In any case, findings have been collected which will be sent to the laboratory to determine the genetic identification of the subject. “Certainly the discovery of the second adult bear who died in a few weeks opens up various scenarios among which the risk of poisoning or poaching should not be underestimated. We ask that a complete autopsy be carried out and that certain indications be given compatible with the state of decomposition of the bear found dead and that they are disclosed in complete clarity and transparency and we announce access to the documents for the request for all the documentation relating to the discovery and the autopsy examinations of the same”. This was stated by AIDAA, the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment.

According to Massimo Vitturi, head of LAV, Animali Selvatici, “after M62, which was found at the end of April in the area of ​​Lake Molveno, in the Province of Trento, it is now the turn of another adult bear found dead and in an advanced state of decomposition on Mount Peller, formerly the scene of the tragedy that involved the JJ bear.4 If two clues prove it, it is clear that this anomalous death of bears is not at all accidental, but can be traced back to the hate campaign triggered by Trentino president Fugatti who, completely unable to guarantee the safety of his fellow citizens through prevention, continues to stir up the vulgar instincts of those who could have killed two bears.

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