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The central and eastern regions are facing widespread rain and snow, and various regions are working hard to ensure smooth supply – Xinhuanet

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The central and eastern regions are bracing for widespread rain and snow, with various areas actively ensuring a smooth supply.

Affected by the combined influence of cold air and southwest warm and humid airflow, the central and eastern regions of China have experienced the first large-scale rain and snow of the Year of the Dragon. This weather has had a certain impact on the return of Spring Festival travel and citizens’ movement, while also posing challenges to the supply of power and daily essentials in many places. To address these challenges, regions including Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, and Hunan, are actively removing snow and ice to ensure a smooth supply.

Maximizing safety for vehicles and personnel is a top priority during these adverse weather conditions. Vehicles were stranded in multiple road sections across the affected areas, causing disruptions. In response, highway departments and traffic police have taken measures to reduce speed and ensure smooth traffic, while also providing stranded individuals with necessary supplies and support.

Additionally, urban traffic has been affected by heavy snowfall, and urban management and sanitation departments have been carrying out snow and ice removal operations using a combination of manual and mechanical methods to clear roads and ensure safe passage for citizens.

Ensuring the orderly operation of railway and civil aviation transportation systems has also been a crucial focus during this period. A number of additional passenger trains have been deployed to accommodate the superposition of return passenger flow during the Spring Festival and heavy snowfall. Likewise, airports have been undertaking non-stop snow and ice removal operations to ensure flight takeoff and landing standards are met, while also providing assistance to passengers affected by flight delays.

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Moreover, measures have been taken to protect essential materials and power supplies, particularly in areas where ice coating on power lines threatens the normal operation of the power grid facilities. In locations prone to ice coating, detailed meteorological consultations and daily safety assessments have been conducted. Additionally, the power department has increased monitoring efforts and mobilized resources for comprehensive safety assessments and risk management.

Overall, various regions in China are actively responding to the challenges posed by the widespread rain and snow, ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens and the smooth operation of essential services.

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