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The health system of Hebei Province promotes the solid and effective development of theme education and strives to transform the results of theme education into actual results in improving the health of the people_Shijiazhuang News

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2023-05-02 06:24:18 Source: Shijiazhuang News Network

The health system of Hebei Province promotes the solid and effective development of theme education

Efforts to transform the achievements of theme education into the actual effect of improving the health level of the people

In the past few days, our province’s health system has conscientiously studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee, and has rapidly launched an upsurge of learning and implementing the theme of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Focusing on practice and making new achievements” is the general requirement, anchoring goals and tasks, implementing key measures, solving outstanding problems, and striving to transform the theme education achievements into practical results that promote the high-quality development of health care and improve the health of the people.

Earnestly master the scientific methods of theoretical study, so that you can learn something, learn something, and learn something. The Provincial Health and Health Commission comprehensively studies and implements Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era through forms such as individual active self-study, cadres’ centralized learning, branch exchanges and mutual learning, expert guidance and learning, and enriched carrier learning. fundamental. Fulfill the purpose of benefiting the people, focusing on the implementation of free prenatal genetic screening for pregnant women, prevention and control of scoliosis in adolescents and children, and the demonstration and creation of “three major livelihood projects” in nursery institutions. This task is to solve the urgent, difficult, and anxious problems of the masses in seeing a doctor, and continuously enhance the masses’ sense of health gain and happiness.

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Thematic education should adhere to the integration of learning, thinking and application, and the unity of knowledge and practice, and transform Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era into a powerful force that strengthens ideals, tempers party spirit, guides practice, and promotes work. The Provincial Medical Security Bureau regards the new achievements in promoting the high-quality development of medical security as an important factor in testing the results of the theme education, and closely focuses on promoting the construction of Hebei’s medical insurance scene of Chinese-style modernization, and promotes the solution of development problems through in-depth investigation and research, and does a good job in the reform of the medical insurance system , medical insurance, medical care, and pharmaceutical coordinated development and governance, centralized procurement of drugs and consumables, cracking down on fraudulent insurance fraud, and improving service capabilities, etc., continuously improve the system, integrity, and coordination of high-quality development of medical insurance sex.

To learn and understand Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we must grasp the world outlook, methodology, and standpoints and methods that run through it. In the themed education, the Provincial People’s Hospital firmly established the people-centered development idea, took doing practical things for the people as an important content, and took the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the masses as the fundamental criterion, and firmly grasped the most direct and practical interests of the people. , organize party members and cadres to conduct visits and surveys, extensively listen to the opinions of the masses, answer questions in a timely manner, solve doubts, and respond to appeals for issues of general concern to the masses, and actively promote “Party Member Volunteer Service”, “Youth Volunteer Service” and “Healthy Lecture Hall” and other practices to inspire the majority of party members and cadres to serve the masses and contribute to society.

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Investigation and research must go deep into reality, the grassroots, and the masses, and to promote development, we must solve problems and solve people’s concerns. The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University has always done a good job in investigation and research, done a good job in the application of results, and has been running hard to promote career development. It requires members of the hospital’s leadership team to focus on key and difficult issues in the hospital’s 32 key tasks of the year. The person leads 1 subject to carry out research,Focusing on creating “the best university for students”, cultivating “warm doctors”, respecting the wishes of employees and students, and meeting the needs of patients, etc., we will carry out a large-scale sorting out of problems, a large-scale investigation of difficult problems, and extensively collect public appeals and opinions to effectively solve the problems of employees, Students and patients need to look forward to, improve ability, strengthen style, make contributions, and further promote the pace of hospital reform and development.

Inspection and rectification is an important part of solidly carrying out theme education and an important yardstick for testing the effectiveness of theme education. The Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention requires that problem rectification be carried out throughout the theme education, go to the problem, learn with the problem, and correct the problem. For the problems found in the inspection and audit supervision, list the “three lists” of problem list, task list and responsibility list one by one, and put the newly discovered problems into the list before the 10th of each month. Highlight problems, formulate special rectification plans, adopt ledger-style management and project-based promotion for centralized rectification, and continuously improve the ability and level of due diligence. (Hebei Daily reporter Huo Xiangbo, Cui Congcong and Liu Bingyang)

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