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The infamous penny war

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The infamous penny war

Aníbal Charry Gonzalez

The late filmmaker Ciro Durán in 1985, directed a documentary film entitled “La guerra del centavo”, which, based on the testimony of two public service bus drivers, recounted the transport chaos that Bogotá suffered in the 80s, as a result of of the war to get passengers as it were, endangering the lives of passengers, bystanders and the same drivers who as kamicases violating speed limits and all traffic regulations trying to achieve their goal to get more income, which as we already know , left deaths and injuries and destruction of material goods as sinister balance.

Well then: Despite the fact that the penny war apparently ended, which should not and should not exist, which only benefited transport businessmen, who, as was well recounted in the film in question, were the only beneficiaries of that infamous war of drivers that They did not even receive the minimum wage for their work, seeing themselves launched to obtain it in a deadly and dangerous struggle as it was, currently it is maintained in many cities of the country as a result of that greed and the everlasting lack of controls on the part of the State in terms of transit , the indolence of businessmen and drivers lacking civic culture and social sensitivity, which continues to generate deaths and injuries without anything and no one being able to stop this criminal warfare because that is what it must be called, in a country that lives in permanent war on almost all fronts. .

That is why here in Neiva we are now lamenting the absurd death that could have been avoided -if we had civic culture and social sensitivity hand in hand with severe controls by the authority and the transport businessmen themselves-, of the young university student Laura Sofía Parra, that he fell from the vehicle in which he was transported because the driver started recklessly without having closed the door, which is a minimum security measure that must be adopted to guarantee the safety of the passengers, and that ultimately caused his painful death, constituting a clear culpable homicide for which he must answer, which also strangely fled the scene of the accident on the recommendation of the paramedical personnel of an ambulance so that the vehicle would not be immobilized.

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The foregoing shows us the validity of this dangerous and deadly penny war, since they continue to demand more production from drivers, even at the expense of the integrity of passengers and the unpunished violation of traffic regulations, which is now add the no less infamous war of the ambulances, which have become another factor that causes death, hand in hand with the “liveliness” that is part of our unhealthy culture of circumventing the law, which recommended to the bus driver that leave the scene of the accident so that the vehicle is not immobilized. The collective misfortune is that this infamous war that is installed in the minds of Colombians for profit will not stop.

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