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The League started with the wrong foot

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The League started with the wrong foot

Julian Andres Santa

In a negative way and with the wrong foot, he started the second half of the Colombian League for Deportivo Pereira, who was defeated at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium against Deportivo Cali by a score of 0-2. The Matecañas went from a possible 3-0 in favor in the first half to a nightmare against a rival with a young squad but who knew how to take advantage of the few they generated.

Missing a striker

At present, Deportivo Pereira has hired six players for the closing tournament, but all in defense and midfield positions, none yet in the attack front where the team’s main shortcoming is, which, since the departure of Leonardo Castro, has not been able to have a real scorer.

Options were generated, but lost

Those led by Alejandro Restrepo were superior in the first half where they generated six clear goal options, but they sinned in their forcefulness, giving life to their rival and without having killed him at the moment they should have. Unlike Deportivo Cali who, out of two in the initial part, scored one goal.

more desperately

Already in the complement the Matecaña lowered its level, the coach tried changes, sending the rookies Jimmy Congo and Cristian Blanco to the field, in addition to Bocanegra, Arley Rodríguez and Danilo Santacruz, but none of them found the compass, the team It did not generate again on Wallens’ goal and in the only one for Cali in the second half, they widened the difference to 0-2 in the end.

Photo: Twitter Deportivo Pereira

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The fans surprised the coach Alejandro Restrepo and several of the most emblematic players with a huge image or tifo. From right to left: Carlos Ramírez, Maicol Medina, Alejandro Restrepo, Juan Pablo Zuluaga and Jhonny Vásquez

Now Deportivo Pereira will have its next two games as visitors, first against Millonarios and then against Atlético Huila.



– Aldair Quintana

– Emiro Garces

– Juan Sebastian Quintero

– Carlos Ramirez

– Johnny Vasquez

– Eber Moreno

– Yeison Suarez

– Juan Pablo Zuluaga

– Larry Angulo

– Kener Valencia

–Angelo Rodriguez

– DT: Alejandro Restrepo

Changes: Emiro Garcés left, Jimmy Congo entered. Larry Angulo left, Jhoan Bocanegra entered. Yeison Suárez left, Cristian Blanco entered. Eber Moreno left, Arley Rodríguez entered. Juan Pablo Zuluaga left, Danilo Santacruz entered.


– Johan Wallens

– Aldair Gutierrez

– Jefferson Diaz

– German Mera

– Brayan Montano

– Fabry Castro

– Kevin Salazar

– Andres Arroyo

– John Cabal

– Gustavo Ramírez

– DT: Sergio Herrera (E)

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