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The opposition’s response to Gustavo Petro’s speech on August 7

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The opposition’s response to Gustavo Petro’s speech on August 7

One of the representatives who has decided to go into opposition together with his party is david lunawho with Radical Change responded to the president Gustavo Petro for some of his points in the speech on August 7, in commemoration of the first year of the ‘Government of Change’.

Along with Carolina Arbeláez, Luna responded to Petro for some of the points he addressed in his speech to the Colombians, after his first year at the helm of the country. Within what the representative of Cambio Radical mentioned, issues related to security and the situation of youth in Colombia were discussed.

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“There are accounts that do not add up to what was mentioned by the President of the Republic in his speech on August 7”began by saying, Luna, that together with his party they decided to exercise their right to reply, as an opposition party.

“In your speech, you defend that it is about the Government of life, but your own Defense Minister admits that in the first year of his administration, kidnapping has increased by 90%”commented in one of the sections of her speech, the representative Arbeláez.

Carolina Arbeláez spoke about the massacres in the Government of Gustavo Petro

“Not to mention the massacres that are also increasing and that only in 2023 more than 57 have occurred, leaving 185 fatalities”commented the representative of Cambio Radical, about the accounts that Petro mentioned, in his speech on August 7.

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In addition to this scourge, Arbeláez addressed the problem experienced by the country’s youth: “You stated that you would take care of the children and young people that history has marginalized, however, there are 292 children who have died so far in 2023, because of the violence.”

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