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The Pio XII Center for asthmatic children in Misurina closes at the end of the year

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The Pio XII Center for asthmatic children in Misurina closes at the end of the year

The Pius XII Institute of Misurina will close at the end of the year. Roberto Arduini, president of the San Bernardo degli Uberti Diocesan Work, announces that December 31, 2022 will be the last day of activity of the “Center for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of childhood asthma”, accredited for 100 beds: “Despite the efforts made, we are unfortunately unable to continue our business. A continuous loss situation in the last five years of approximately 700 thousand euros per year and a further negative forecast result for 2022 have made the situation economically unsustainable, also in light of the reduced use of the structure>.

The number of patients assisted from January 1st to August 31st was the lowest in the last five years – underline by the Opera Diocesana San Bernardo degli Uberti – while the annual costs of maintaining the structure (employees, freelancers, utilities, maintenance, etc.) amount to approximately 1.8 million euros and the expenditure budget authorized by the Veneto Region is 1.2 million. “Taking into account that today there is only one boy hospitalized, it is expected that the loss in 2022 will be close to one million euros. The situation is therefore unsustainable and the continuation of an activity with such a loss endangers the other services carried out by the body in support of non self-sufficient elderly people. Ours is a painful and inevitable choice “, continues Arduini,” implemented after having made all possible attempts, from agreements with other regions, with the main national pediatric hospitals, to the reception of guests with ADHD syndrome (patients with attention disorder and hyperactivity) activated in the course of 2022. Efforts proved in vain, since the days of hospitalization in the period January-August 2022 were significantly lower than those of the same period in 2020 “.

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To safeguard the professionalism of those who have collaborated with dedication to the activity of the institute, the permanent employees of the institute will be transferred to Parma, to the facilities of the San Bernardo degli Uberti Diocesan Work. Diocesan Work which, in the awareness of the uniqueness of the experience of the Pius XII Institute in the national panorama, declares itself available from now – in compliance with an economic / financial balance – to all forms of collaboration that safeguard the prospects of care of asthmatic children. “We deeply regret this painful decision”, concludes the president of the Diocesan Work, “we are close to the children and their families who have been treated and hosted in the institute over the years, in the hope of having contributed to the improvement of their framework. clinical and to have left a sign of brotherhood ».

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