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The problem of women’s soccer in Colombia is machismo: Minister of Sport

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The problem of women’s soccer in Colombia is machismo: Minister of Sport

The women’s league returns to the courts of the country, after the break at the end of 2022, and although the 2023 tournament was expected to last all year, things did not go as expected. Regarding the 2023 championship, the Minister of Sport, María Isabel Urrutia pointed out to the organizers, in addition to ensuring that machismo reigns in Colombia around this competition.

At the time, there was speculation about the economic profitability of the tournament, since it was presumably not financially viable for the team leaders. The minister was emphatic in dismissing these positions, because for her, the problem in Colombia is the machismo that is generated by this spectacle, assuring that it is necessary to “change the chip” and work to demystify these concepts.

In dialogue with the VBar of Caracol Radio, Urrutia expressed:

“I know that we are poorer than Colombian soccer and the teams of each city, I came to a conclusion, the problem is not economic, the problem is machismo, the problem is that soccer for women looks beautiful , fill stadiums and win; then you have to change their chip and in that work we are doing it”.

For several weeks now, the Sports portfolio has talked about the support that the government will provide to women’s soccer, about this, he explained that sponsors are being sought and that they will agree with the organizers, since it will not be the Ministry that arrange as such:

“It is not that I am going to make the women’s league on behalf of the government, but that we are combining it because that is an issue where there can be two leagues, the professional and the amateur,” he added.

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The minister explained the mandatory end of the league in June, taking into account that several players will have to travel to the Women’s World Cup that will take place in the middle of the year, in addition to the presence of two clubs in the Women’s Copa Libertadores that will also be It will take place in October, which as an important fact, will be played in Santiago de Cali.

Urrutia’s proposal is that after June, an amateur tournament be held in the country with the teams that are not going to be active, in addition to paying the salary of the players:

“The women’s tournament must necessarily end on June 30 because we start with the world championship, then we go with the Copa Libertadores, but we continue to do all this with them, those who are not going to the world championship and those who They don’t go to the Copa Libertadores, they stay, with those teams we’re going to continue in the tournament and if not, we’re still going to continue contributing financially to them”, he pointed out.

The Women’s League 2023

The BetPlay DIMAYOR 2023 Women’s League begins on February 4 and will end on June 30 considering the schedule of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia/New Zealand 2023 that will begin next July, according to Dimayor.

In its seventh version, the professional women’s soccer tournament will have 17 participating teams. The championship system will have the ‘All Against All’ format in its initial phase and elimination brackets in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. By date, one of the clubs will rest, while the remaining 16 will play the day.

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The participating clubs in the BetPlay DIMAYOR 2023 League are:

– Cali America

– Deportivo Cali

– Independent Santa Fe

– Millionarios FC

– Independent Medellin

– National Athletic

– Deportivo Pereira

– Junior FC

– Llaneros FC

Sports Tolima

– Athletic Huila

– Cortuluá Yumbo Industriales in association with Águilas Doradas

– Athletic Bucaramanga

– Equity

– Real Santander

Sports Grass

– Boyacá Chico

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