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The tragedy that marked the life of Fito Páez

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The tragedy that marked the life of Fito Páez

last weekend, Bogotá lived two magical nights with Fito Páezwho was in the Colombian capital as part of his tour ‘Love 30 years after love’a tour in which he celebrates 30 years of his most successful album ‘Love after love’.

He Movistar Arena dressed up to receive the iconic Argentine musician, who had already had two dates in the city of Medellín and who later landed in the capital to celebrate his emblematic album with great songs, and also to review his career.

In recent days, the name of Fito has resonated with great force due to his biographical series on the Netflix streaming platform, which has revealed unprecedented and shocking details; one of them, the murder of his grandmother and his great-aunt, a tragedy that marked him for life.

This event happened while the musician was living one of the best stages of his career. Next, listen to the story of the tragedy that marked Fito Páez.

Listen to the tragedy that marked Fito Páez:

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