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The woman involved in the theft at Silvestre Dangond’s house was released

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The woman involved in the theft at Silvestre Dangond’s house was released

Luz Enith Orozco Troya, who is allegedly involved in the million-dollar robbery of Silvestre Dangond’s house, in his home in Valledupar, whose events occurred in November 2023, was provisionally released.

The decision was made by the Seventh Criminal Court of Control of Guarantees of Valledupar, upon accepting the request of the defense by the defense lawyer, Jefferson Caamaño, who requested freedom due to expiration of terms since the case is being carried out. under the abbreviated procedure and the terms had already expired.

During the hearing, the Prosecutor’s Office did not appeal the judge’s decision, contrary to the victims’ representative, in this case the family’s lawyer Dangond Avendaño, who did not agree with the measure.

However, it should be noted that Orozco Troya will continue to be linked to the investigation and must appear before the court each time it is required. Currently the procedural stage is in the presentation of the indictment, whose hearing is scheduled for February 23 in progress.

The robbery at the house in Valledupar happened on November 18, 2023, after the release of the album Ta Malo. A large sum of cash would have been left in the artist’s home, which was stolen by individuals who entered by breaking the glass that gives access to the dining room of the house and then went up to the bedrooms.

Also in one of the images presented by the Prosecutor’s Office at the charging hearing, it is observed how Orozco Troya’s daughter comes down from the second floor of the house, with presumably stolen objects in her hands. However, the defense alleges that they were gifts from Pieri Avendaño, Silvestre’s wife.

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The sum of the theft amounts to 900 million pesos, between cash and valuable items.

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