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They reform with insurers the regulations to move vehicles in minor accidents – Diario La Página

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The Ministry of Public Works has already launched the reforms to the General Traffic and Road Safety Regulations related to the permanence of vehicles in the area of ​​a traffic accident.

The modification will allow drivers to move vehicles, in the event of a minor accident and no injuries, without the need for the presence of the insurance company or traffic police. The Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez Herrera, highlighted the consultation and agreement that existed with the insurers to achieve the reform.

“Yesterday, 100% of the insurers were at the conference,” said Rodríguez. The official mentioned that the intention of the measure is not only to fine those who do not comply, since if the driver does not move the car from the scene of the accident he will be fined with a violation of $57.14 and if he still does not comply, the vehicle will be moved with a tow truck that the person involved will have to pay for.

“In the end it is not that we want to impose the violation or something similar, but I think that if we do not apply these measures we will always have people who are not going to comply with the instructions (…). With the passage of time we will all understand, for those who say that the insurance company is not going to cover me, everyone agrees with these measures, in addition, it is within the traffic regulations and it is something that they must comply with,” the minister highlighted. .

Public Works has established that to free the area from a minor accident and avoid congestion, those involved must take the respective photographs of the vehicles from the front, rear, side and license plates; Subsequently, the vehicles must be removed to a nearby area and as a last step they must call the insurance company or the police if there is no agreement.

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For this measure, paragraph four, article 176 of the General Traffic and Road Safety Regulations was modified.

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