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This is how quickly you can receive your SNAP benefits

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This is how quickly you can receive your SNAP benefits

California’s CalFresh Program Provides Food Assistance to Low-Income Families

In California, low-income families have access to food assistance through the state’s CalFresh program. Formerly known as “Food Stamps,” CalFresh aims to increase the purchasing power of food purchases and meet the nutritional needs of low-income individuals.

The amount of aid provided through CalFresh varies depending on the number of family members and is adjusted to account for inflation in some states. Each month, beneficiaries receive their benefits through an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which can be used to purchase basic foods, seeds, non-alcoholic beverages, and more at authorized retailers, online, and at agricultural markets.

To qualify for CalFresh benefits, applicant families must have an income below the federal poverty level, which varies by state. While approval of CalFresh benefits can take up to a month, the program in California offers Expedited Service for households in emergency situations, allowing them to receive benefits within just three days.

To be eligible for Expedited Service, the household’s monthly income must be less than $150.00 USD, with additional requirements for seasonal or migrant agricultural workers. The combined monthly income of the household must also be less than the household’s expenditure on services, rent, health, and other necessities.

Currently, over 390,000 California families, including undocumented immigrants, receive CalFresh benefits to purchase food. With the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) in 2024, individuals receive $291.00 USD, a family of four receives $973.00 USD, larger families of eight members receive $1,751.00 USD, and families with nine or more members receive up to $1,970.00 USD in benefits.

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CalFresh plays a crucial role in ensuring that low-income and underserved communities have access to essential nutrition and food assistance, providing a lifeline for those facing food insecurity in California.

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