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Thousands in Florence to say ‘no more deaths at work’ – News

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Thousands in Florence to say ‘no more deaths at work’ – News

A crowd of thousands of people, some dressed in construction overalls, some wearing workers’ helmets, and many with flowers in their hands, are taking part in the demonstration called by CGIL and UIL in front of the construction site in Via Mariti in Florence where on 16 February they 5 workers involved in the construction of an Esselunga supermarket died in a collapse.

Many flags of the two unions with many delegations of workers from all over Tuscany. With them many ordinary citizens and workers of foreign origin, together with political delegations from, among others, Pd, M5s, and Avs. Many in the crowd chanted slogans to say “Stop deaths at work”, others sang Bella Ciao several times. And bouquets of flowers and messages of condolence were left next to the construction site. The CGIL distributed a thousand white carnations, almost as many as there are deaths at work every year in Italy, a hundred white overalls and a hundred helmets, all of which were immediately snapped up. And while some workers began to speak on an improvised stage, who will then leave the floor to the general secretaries of the CGIL Maurizio Landini and of the UIL Pierpaolo Bombardieri, the people continued to flow in, filling via Mariti.

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