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Tostao continues with his project as a soloist, now he presents “El abogado”

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Tostao continues with his project as a soloist, now he presents “El abogado”

Carlos Yahanny Valencia Ortiz, better known as Tostao and member of the musical group ChocQuibTown, began his solo career a little over a year ago. A project with which he not only wanted to explore his idea of ​​Afro-Latin rhythms fused with the urban, but also wanted to support emerging talent from his region.

The most recent release of the Chocoano artist is a song called El Abogado, which is part of his first solo album Exótico Pal Mundo and which is available on all streaming platforms from Friday, June 2.

In this, Tostao sings together with the artists Leysong, Buay Press and Dela King, all young talents from the Colombian Pacific who hope to make themselves known through the platform that the artist who has two Grammys is creating together with ChocQuibTown.

El Abogado is a song that remains in the musical line that Tostao has proposed to the industry and called Exotic Rhythm, in which he takes Afro-Latin rhythms and mixes them with urban sounds, resulting in songs ready to dance.

On this occasion he sings a sensual statement through his lyrics, accompanied by the talent of his region with dance and seduction. “I’m looking for a lawyer / to put all this in my name / Tell me where you came from / I’m taking you to London from Paris / I come from the future you and I dancing in the dark / Hitting that really hard / I didn’t want to fall in love, but I was touched / The girl reciprocated”, says the lyrics of this song.

For his part, Tostao pointed out on his social networks that El Abogado “can be dedicated and it is important when a song can be dedicated because many times you do not have the words to tell that special person what you want or what you are trying to do with her, if they want to conquer her or if they already have a relationship, then there they have it.

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The composition of this song was in charge of Tostao, Leyson Bejarano Valencia, Sergio Roberto Lozano Salinas and José Guillermo Mosquera; while the official video clip is a product of Replay Production under the direction of Janki Martínez in which the dance is the protagonist.

This song joins releases such as Traficando Exótico, La Temperatura and La Luz, singles with which Tostao has been gradually presenting his work Exótico Pal Mundo, in which he shows that his talent goes beyond ChocQuibTown and is committed to the emerging talent from the Pacific.

Regarding the Exotic Rhythm, the artist explained, in a dialogue with Infobae, that it is an idea that he had had in his head for a long time, but that he had not been given the opportunity to do so before. “It is the fusion of three lines: from the tropical, the folkloric and the urban, that same explanation can be used for the choque sauce, but this has a sound more from the North of the Pacific”.

For Tostao, a great representative of Chocó before Colombia and the world, the sounds that come out of his region are “like a restaurant menu, this dish is only served here and if you want to try it you have to come or wait for them to take you a little. It is the only explanation, not even oneself knows, music and art are always generating such beautiful things”.

Exótico Pal Mundo is an album that Tostao has been dreaming of for eight years, longing for the rhythms of the Pacific to become an imposing genre and to compete in the recording industry, something he has achieved with music in conjunction with ChocQuibTown.

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“It is necessary in this country, in which particularly, I say it with respect, so much urban music is made, which is Afro music, but less than 10% of Afro artists are on the big platforms. It is confusing how a country that has so much flavor and so much of the Afro, its representatives of the urban are not exactly Afro-Colombian”, reflected Tostao. with Infobae

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