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TV, big screens or multiplexes: where to follow Belgium-Italy in Treviso and its province

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In the city, in addition to the Botegon, there are also pubs and breweries equipped to show the game. In Conegliano the match at the Cinergia multiplex

TREVISO. This Friday night the nightlife will start later, after the game. Whether it will be more charged than usual or not will certainly depend on the result of the match but it is equally certain that for today’s evening many will wait for the final whistle before leaving the house or wandering around the premises.

In these hours it is hunting for the counters of which to follow the match of the national team against Belgium. In the capital, the tables of Shop at Porta San Tomaso who was the first to announce a screen for watching the game outdoors accompanied by cicchetti, beer or wine. If you prefer a closed environment, just go to the other side of the door to follow the match in St.Thomas Gate. It also offers itself within the Nasty Boys in West Street and also in some pubs temples of international football matches such as l’Albatros in via Ellero or il Wishing Wells in Viale della Repubblica which for some time now has set up outdoor tables for concerts as well. There will be room to enjoy the game even atImbarcadero of Silea but certainly not in the outdoor tables reserved for summer refreshment rather than the hot climate of the quarters.

The initiative of the multiplex is singular Cinergia of Conegliano that instead of the films will screen the Italy match with maximum capacity of supporters rather than cinephiles. And the Azzurri’s match forced the Municipality of Treviso to move the appointment with the lady of the open air cinema scheduled for today to Santa Maria del Rovere (postponed to tomorrow).

TheEuro Park Fest, in Motta, where the matches of the European football championship can be followed with the big screen at the Spinade park. The list is long, for each municipality in the province, for each district, there will be dozens of “public on” screens, even in the back rooms of the premises. While appointments in private homes proliferate thanks to the free all who brought back the circulation between friends.F.D.W.

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