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Unity against crises

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Unity against crises

Crises are normal in a democratic political society and during the period of exercise of a government. They should not alarm us or lead to anarchy. It requires clarity and awareness that can become an opportunity to adjust and reform policies, objectives and methods, and also to review alliances in government.

The first thing to do is recognize the presence of the crisis, hiding it is the worst policy.

Therefore, rulers, non-rulers, and the ruled must have greatness and collaborate in overcoming it. Nobody, moderately responsible, should take advantage of a political crisis in a government to try to destabilize it and make the republic unlivable.

The responsibility to overcome it belongs to everyone. It is not and will not be a question of not criticizing the government, but it cannot be destroyed, much less the institutions and rules of the game proper to a constitutional democracy and the constitutional rule of law.

In other words, the struggle for political power in a democracy is a confrontation of reasons and interests within the framework of law and its values, principles and rules.

A candidate, upon being legitimately invested as ruler, has the right to govern for all and in defense of the unity of the republic, especially, a candidate invested with presidential power as head of state has the right to exercise his mandate peacefully and within the law. Can it be questioned and criticized? Of course, criticism is a right of freedom, but the debate in which such accusations are staged has to be within institutional channels and pursuing the strengthening of institutions, all in an environment of tolerance and pluralism.

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During periods of crisis, governments are required moderation and prudence, mothers of political wisdom. Inviting a joint solution with generosity is typical of statesmen and not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, it is synonymous with strength and that one is in the presence of a democratic statesman.

Our position as democrats is to extend a great invitation to unity in the face of the political crisis, as broad as possible and with political agreements to contribute, in a great way, to the health of democracy.

The path of anarchy only leads us to destruction and violence. We must not forget that the government is of the democratic left, not the first in the history of our republic as is usually said because in the 19th and 20th centuries there were in the country, represented by the democratic socialism of the Liberal Party.

In a contemporary democracy and in a constitutional State of law, the democratic left has the right to govern, nor was it necessary to be denied such a guarantee, but every right has in correlative the duty to adjust its government to the institutional framework of the political charter the laws and their institutions.

In conclusion, this political crisis must be seen as an opportunity to make our constitutional democracy and the constitutional rule of law more robust. I insist, the path is unity and respect for the rules of a constitutional democracy.

To build unity, nothing is as important as respectful and democratic dialogue within institutional channels that always tend to strengthen institutions within the framework of an environment of tolerance and pluralism.

What is unacceptable is to go down the path of intolerance, which is nothing more than covering up misrule, anarchy and violence. Going back is no longer an option.

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By Eduardo Verano de la Rosa.

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