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Instituto, with many people and few teams in Santa Fe for the Argentine Cup

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Instituto, with many people and few teams in Santa Fe for the Argentine Cup

On Wednesday afternoon at the Santa Fe Institute, he showed the two sides of the same coin. While his fans put together a real party and gave another great show of loyalty, the team once again had a game to forget and fell 2-0 against Huracán for the Copa Argentina. All the euphoria and enthusiasm shown by the more than 7,000 glorious fans who took over part of the Colón field was the other side of what the team showed.

Dabove’s team did not drop a single idea and returned to Córdoba full of worries. The only good news is that yesterday’s defeat does not influence either the averages or the annual table, but it is clear that playing Glory like this is going to cost them their permanence.

The first half had already been a faithful reflection of why these two teams have as their main objective from now until the end of the year to be able to stay in the category. Little football, a lot of nerves and more friction than touches of the ball. To tell the truth, no real risk actions had occurred until after 37 minutes Mazzantti connected a cross to put the mouthpiece at 1 to 0. There was a feeling that Roffo could do something more, but the goalkeeper swung his hand and it did not arrive to the ball.

The Institute still had a little more than a while to reverse a story that looked complicated. Throughout the season Albirrojo had a hard time turning adverse results around and yesterday was no exception.

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But if the first half had been weak, what came after was worse. With the result against them, the team went out to look for a tie with the entry of a Watson who was preserved because his sale abroad appears imminent. The “10” tried to give some football to a team that had not kicked on goal in the entire first half. And that to tell the truth neither in the second.

As the minutes passed, the team took more risks and left room for a Huracán that little by little began to justify its victory. The only sin of the Globito was not to liquidate a party that dominated at ease and pleasure. Until Gauto appeared, the figure on the field, who ended the story with a counter in which Dabove’s team fell back badly. And if from the collective the team did not find answers, from the individual much less. Except for Alarcón, who took the spear and stood up for everyone on more than one occasion, the rest did not pass the exam.

And although it is true that Huracán’s 1-0 had come when no one deserved the advantage, Instituto never knew how to get back into the game. “Maravilla” Martínez did not get a single clear ball within the framework of a team that took another step back and returned to Córdoba with several warning lights on.

To this day there is not much more than what was seen on Wednesday. That is why a key “match” is coming for managers these days. Hitting the key with the next reinforcements is the great challenge for a club that fought too hard to get its place in the top flight. And that you can’t afford to fail on that issue and take more risks.

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