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Video: the scandal that a woman made for some potatoes

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Video: the scandal that a woman made for some potatoes

The client’s scandal was so strong that it caught the attention of the other people present, who began to record it and then post the video on social networks. Later, the waiters called the security personnel to control the lady.

While the woman tries to make the claim, you can see how other customers are stunned watching her, while others find her attitude funny and laugh at her.

Video: ‘TransMilenio Spider-Man’ came out of a bus window

Once again, the bizarre maneuvers carried out by some passengers in the Bogotá public system caused a furor on social networks. On this occasion, a user went viral on various platforms for hanging from the railings of a TransMilenio and getting out of it through a window.

As can be seen in the clip broadcast by Instagram, a subject aboard a TransMilenio articulated vehicle rested his feet on one of the railings provided for users with reduced mobility and/or disabilities in order to reach the height of the window.

Through the little hole in the window, the man removed the upper part of his body and leaned on the external bars of the vehicle’s security door to be able to remove the rest of his trunk and legs.

Having gathered momentum to carry out this elaborate maneuver, the passenger managed to get out of the TransMilenio when it slowed down for a moment. Finally, yeshe jumped up from a little high distance and continued on his way down the track.

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