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Vittorio Veneto, review of the poison against a bar: Ascom warns

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Vittorio Veneto, review of the poison against a bar: Ascom warns

Michele Paludetti and Antonella Secchi, president and director of Ascom Vittorio Veneto

A Cison merchant asked the merchants association for protection. The director Antonella Secchi: “The criticisms are legitimate, the offenses are not”

VITTORIO VENETO. The owner of a bar in Cison offended via social media. Antonella Secchi, director of Ascom Vittorio Veneto, never saw her again when her associate told her about the insults and invectives of which she became a victim of her. “Freedom of criticism is sacrosanct, but we must remain within certain limits,” says Secchi. The manager of the Vittorio Veneto Merchants Association has already had to protect its members in the face of so-called “reviews” on internet portals where they go beyond the limits imposed by law. In the past, the defense brought by Ascom Vittorio Veneto has also obtained results against the giant Tripdavisor, forced to delete some messages deemed defamatory.

“This time the case concerns a bar – explains Secchi – speaking of which, on a famous search engine, a man allowed himself to use offensive expressions against the owner, starting like this:” the owner can be ashamed … ” . We have sent him a warning to immediately delete the comment, otherwise we will take legal action to obtain compensation proportional to the damage to image caused. Expressing insults is not an expression of freedom of thought, but an unlawful conduct that can lead to corporate damage that can be compensated by law: defamation is a criminal offense. The Supreme Court of the rest – continues Secchi – has always protected the right of criticism, but sets conditions: the existence of the criticized fact (one can only criticize a true thing) and verbal continence (using a language that is not unnecessarily aggressive or defamatory) . And then we cannot suffer in silence ». Once again traders are forced to defend themselves against keyboard lions. “We know that the market is increasingly difficult and customers increasingly demanding, but it is not tolerable to allow anyone to comment in a false and offensive way”.

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