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Vladimir Putin, in his first interview since the Ukraine war: “Trump was a refreshing break” | International

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Vladimir Putin, in his first interview since the Ukraine war: “Trump was a refreshing break” |  International

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent interview with former Fox host Tucker Carlson has been the subject of much discussion and speculation. The two-hour and seven-minute interview took place in Moscow and covered a range of topics, including the war in Ukraine, NATO, and relations with the United States.

During the interview, Putin used the platform to praise former US President Donald Trump, calling him a “refreshing break” from the insults and slander that Russia has received from past US politicians. The Kremlin leader also expressed his hope for improved communication with the US should Trump win another term in office.

The conversation delved into the historical and political justifications for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Putin providing a lengthy explanation for Moscow’s actions. He also criticized NATO and the United States‘ foreign policy decisions, while making light of conspiracy theories and jocularly answering questions about the Nord Stream pipeline and Russia’s relations with the West.

The timing of the interview, which was broadcast on Carlson’s own media platform, has raised questions about its intent and the implications for US-Russian relations. The interview coincides with a standstill in fighting in Ukraine and comes amidst growing divisions within the Republican party over Russia, the war, and aid to Ukraine. Additionally, Putin’s well-wishes for Trump’s victory in the upcoming presidential election have been noted as particularly significant.

The interview has sparked a debate about press freedom and ethics, as Carlson claimed that no major Western media outlets had requested an interview with Putin prior to his visit to Moscow. However, many media outlets have cited repeated requests for interviews with the Kremlin that have gone unanswered. Furthermore, Carlson’s visit comes at a time when press freedom in Russia has been under scrutiny, with several journalists being detained and media outlets being blocked or forced to close.

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Overall, the interview has generated widespread interest and a fair share of controversy. The exchange between Putin and Carlson has been viewed as a display of publicity and propaganda, with both parties seemingly satisfied by the results. However, questions remain about the implications of the interview for US-Russia relations and the future of the conflict in Ukraine. As the international community continues to monitor the situation, the interview will undoubtedly remain a topic of discussion and debate.

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