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Warning strike: Restricted winter service in SH | today > – News

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Warning strike: Restricted winter service in SH | today  > – News

As of: December 6th, 2023 1:00 a.m

Various unions have again called for a warning strike across the country today. There will only be very limited winter service on the roads of Schleswig-Holstein.

Under the motto “St. Nicholas meets the state government,” the striking state employees will demonstrate together with the civil servants and come together for a rally in front of the state house. The responsible unions within the DGB-Nord, the police union (GdP), the education and science union (GEW), the IG BAU and the ver.di regional district North have called for a warning strike.

Several thousand people expected at the demo in Kiel

According to the ver.di union, around 30,000 people in Schleswig-Holstein are employed in the state’s public sector. According to ver.di spokesman Frank Schischefsky, it is difficult to predict exactly how many of them will take part in the warning strike. The unions are expecting several thousand people at the demonstration in Kiel. This means that work in the public sector will not stand still: those who are civil servants are not allowed to strike, so they have a normal working day. Ver.di spokesman Frank Schischefsky still assumes that the effects of the warning strike will be noticeable, for example because appointments with state authorities are canceled or applications cannot be processed.

Clearance services and UKSH affected by strike

Because employees of the state road construction and traffic department are also called upon to take part in the warning strike, Schischefsky said it could also be the case that some roads will only be cleared late. According to the state, the loss of striking employees in the 22 road maintenance depots will be compensated as best as possible by an external company, although regular winter service should not be expected.

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Last week, the union called on the road maintenance companies to go on a warning strike. But the feared chaos did not materialize. Employees at UKSH are also called on strike. It is possible that “there are no regular treatments here,” says Schischefsky.

The education and science union wants to set pinpricks

The Education and Science Union (GEW) has called on employed teachers, employees of the student union’s seven daycare centers and employees at universities in the country to go on a warning strike. Union spokesman Bernd Schauer hopes that around 200 of them will take part and come to Kiel for the demo. He does not expect any major impact on normal operations, especially at schools. The majority of teachers in the country are civil servants. “But of course it is a pinprick and it is important that we show this signal to the unions,” said Schauer.

No safety implications

The police union (GdP) has also called for a warning strike. According to the GdP, around a thousand employees work in the state police and in the prison system. For example, they support investigations or take on administrative work. Union spokesman Torsten Jäger explains: “We don’t see any immediate safety-related effects, but there will be some significant delays.”

Heinold receives fire letters and a symbolic application for housing benefit

According to ver.di, Finance Minister Monika Heinold (Greens), who will act as deputy negotiator for the state employers in Potsdam next Thursday, will receive clear messages from the employees in front of the state house. The strikers also want to hand Heinold incendiary letters and a large symbolic housing benefit application. The ministry did not want to comment on the warning strikes before the upcoming round of negotiations on Thursday.

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Demand for 10.5 percent more money

According to ver.di, the strikers want to vent their anger: They criticize the fact that the previous collective bargaining rounds have not produced any results. According to the unions, after two rounds of negotiations there has been no offer from the employers. They are demanding an income increase of 10.5 percent, but at least 500 euros. Young talent should receive 200 euros more and trainees should be taken on for an unlimited period. The employer side considers the demands to be too high and cannot be implemented.

Thousands of participants are expected

The unions assume that several thousand collective bargaining employees, trainees, students and civil servants will come to Kiel. The strikers will meet from 10:30 a.m. at the union hall on Legienstrasse in Kiel. The demonstration procession begins at 2:30 p.m. through the following streets: Legienstrasse – Knooper Weg – parade ground – Ziegelteich – Andreas-Gayk-Str. – Boat harbor – Wall – Düsternbrooker Weg. The final rally is scheduled to take place in front of the state house from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Further information

The ver.di and komba unions have called on public sector employees in Kiel and Lübeck to temporarily stop working. more

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