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“We are mediators of the carnival, but the protagonists are the cultural managers”: Mayor of Santa Marta

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For the rescue of cultural values ​​and the transmission to the new generations, the conservatory “History of the Carnival of Santa Marta” was held in the Casa de la Danza preceded by the Mayor Virna Johnson and with the special assistance of the Minister of Culture Patricia Ariza Flórez, in addition to the expert speakers on the history of this festivity born in our city, Joaquin Viloria, Juan Pablo Noguera, and Apolinar Castilla., Chela Orozco, Roberto Munarriz and Pedro Noguera.

For her part, the mayor Verna Johnson He mentioned: “The foundations have organized their activities since previous months and we have tried to maintain them. What is valuable is having the presence of everyone in the total programming of each neighborhood or locality.”

The cumbia, the tambora, the mapalé and the joy typical of this meeting shone on a stage that, like the 500 Years Megalibrary and the TTheater Santa Marta gives it culture and its actors the place they deserve.

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The District Mayor’s Office through the Ministry of Culture intends that samarios and visitors learn more about carnival as a tradition with the union of the Funcarpés, FundaPescaíto, Pescaíto Dorado Foundation, Funcarsan, Fundación una Luz en Medio del Camino, Funda Cultura Gaira, Bonda and Mamatoco foundations, with whom a great agenda is being prepared cultural.

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