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What is the doomsday plane that would have taken off in Israel?

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What is the doomsday plane that would have taken off in Israel?

What is the doomsday plane that would have taken off in Israel?


Following Iran’s massive drone attack on Israel, which currently has the world fearing an escalation of global violence, Israel deployed its doomsday plane. Name given to a plane specially designed to transport the prime minister and that has sophisticated security systems that allow it to overcome all kinds of situations.

In the case of Israel, it is the plane Boeing 767-338 (ER) 4X-ISR, a large-capacity aircraft that belongs to the Israeli Air Force and can perform long-distance flights without problem. A machine specially prepared to operate for long periods of time without the need for mechanical interventions or refueling.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that this class of aircraft, such as the American doomsday plane, They are trained to continue operating in extreme situations such as a nuclear attack.

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This aircraft, which bears the title of the first presidential aircraft of the State of Israel, is one of the most modern of its class and until today had not been used by the Israeli government, since 2015 when it was acquired. Although it is unknown if Benjamin Netanyahu is on board, it is certain that this plane is precisely designed for this type of situation.

This plane was modified for about two years, including sophisticated navigation and communications systems, as well as important reinforcements in the fuselage to prevent attacks. Logically, it has enough space to carry the prime minister, his entourage and defense personnel, with all types of spaces that allow safe handling of war scenarios.

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In that sense, the plane could easily be a mobile command center for the president in a case of extreme danger like the one now.

The United States provides its support to Israel

US President Joe Biden stressed this Saturday after meeting with his National Security team that the United States‘ commitment to Israel against Iran is “iron.”

The president accompanied his message in among others.

Both Biden and Blinken, who appear from the front, are seen with a serious countenance, wearing a suit but without a tie.

The National Security team, meeting in an emergency this Saturday afternoon, also included the director of the CIA, Bill Burns; to the White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Charles Brown, among others, as previously reported by the White House.

Biden had planned to spend the weekend at his beach residence in Delaware but returned unexpectedly just before the Iranian attack on Israel was confirmed.

This offensive occurs in retaliation to Israel for the attack against the Iranian consulate in Damascus that killed seven members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in addition to destroying the building attached to the Tehran embassy, ​​which was the residence of the Iranian ambassador.

*With information from Agencia EFE.

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