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Who is Arturo Navarro, Valeria Giraldo’s boyfriend?

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Who is Arturo Navarro, Valeria Giraldo’s boyfriend?

In the last few hours, the name of Valeria Giraldo has become the center of conversation on social networks where many nickname this young 23-year-old lawyer as ‘Miss Mor’, after her participation in Miss Universe, an important beauty pageant. that took place this Saturday, September 2 in the city of Barranquilla.

The woman from Antioquia became the center of attention after she failed to enter the group of 15 finalists, something that aroused all kinds of reactions, especially because throughout the competition she was one of the contestants who shared the most controversial comments on her personal networks. where she calls herself the ‘miss’.

The truth is that it is not all that this young paisa is trending for, since it was recently revealed who was the man who had stolen Valeria Giraldo’s heart.

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This is Arturo Navarro, the man from Barranquilla who would be the current boyfriend of “Miss Mor” according to several publications on social networks where Valeria’s partner is very active and publishes content. However, it is unknown since when they are together.

In fact, the Antioquia woman in the past had been linked to Westcol, the content creator who dated Aída Victoria Merlano. Although later this rumor would fade as it was not confirmed by either of them.

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